Kiki On The Go

I’m so used to not having anything to do that the second I’m busy I get a wee bit overwhelmed.  This week is running me ragged and it’s only thursday and the weekend is usually when I’m the busiest.


Zeal & Litta – Screams of Another (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DillinjaSovereign MelodyDeadly Vinyl 1994

Big BudSoundtrax 4 Life @ Bassdrive 05/13/10


01. Electrosoul System – Underwater [SoundTrax Dub]
02. Modemellow – Back In Time [Camino Blue]
03. Furney – True Belivers [Dub]
04. Vice Versa – Spacebridge [Human Elements Digital]
05. Eastcolors – Go To Nowhere [Dub]
06. Furney – ?
07. Mutt & Generic feat. Kevin King – Forget [Spearhead Ltd Dub]
08. Mikal – Destination [SoundTrax Dub]
09. Eveson – Hear No Evil [Spearhead]
10. A-Sides – White Riesling [Eastside Dub]
11. Subz & Matik – Could We Be Wrong [Basswerk Dub]
12. Broken Drum – Don’t Ask [Dub]
13. Mutt feat. Kevin King – Thinking [SoundTrax Dub]
14. Clart – About You [Dub]


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