Exhausted Kiki

This weekend was really fun.  I’m spending today recuperating.

The SquareDOA Mix (click to go go article and dowload mix from there)


Train to Space – Sequent Industry (The Square Remix) [Free]
Fall Down – The Square [Portal Music]
You Got to Love – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Your World – Blue Motion & The Square [Good Looking Dub]
Breaking Dawn – Blue Motion (The Square Remix) [Esprit Dub]
I´m Gone – Blue Motion & The Square [Portal Music]
Falling of Ideas – m25, Nummix & First Function (The Square & Disaszt Remix) [Dub]
Motion – The Square [Drumwise]
Blue Planet – Wreckage Machinery & The Square [Dub]
Follow The Sunset – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Everything – Rootkush & The Square [Free]
Cold Like Ice – Dirrrty B [The Square Remix] [Esprit]
End of Days – The Square & Disaszt [Dub]
Inside Feelings – The Square & Eros [Urban Chemistry]
Admiration – The Square [Drumwise]
Youre Free – The Square & Jett (Dirrrty B Remix) [Portal Music]
Sounds – The Square, Logam & Jett [Corinthian]
Cinderella Story – ABM (The Square & Dirrrty B Remix) [Universal Music]
One More Try – Stereotype (The Square & Dirrrty B Remix) [Urban Chemistry]
Everything Disappears – The Square [Esprit Dub]
Keep Ur Hands On Me – The Square & Dirrrty B [Portal Music]
Unseen – The Square, Disaszt & Treo [Dub]


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