Chicago Kiki

I’m back in Chi.  I had a pretty awesome time at home in Madison.  My niece is out of control cute.  Went to the African Festival with the fam and also hung out with some old high school buddies.  I’m 32 now but it’s definitely funny to hang out with people that have known you since you were 13 that you don’t see all the time.  You tend to resort back to high school days.  Good times.

Summer is coming to an end.  My goal is to have a job by October.  If it happens sooner, awesome.  I have never applied for so many jobs in my life.  Come on people.  I’m cool.  Hire me. 😉

I guess Logistics has a new LP coming out.  I listened to the tracks. (If you click on the Platinum link it goes to the Chemical Records deck where you can hear the other tracks that are getting released on the vinyl version)  *shrugs* They’re ok.  I do like this one though.  I like Murderation as well.

Today’s Oldie:
LogisticsMillionaireInnerground Records 2004
Might as well do a Logistics oldie too. 🙂

A SidesMixcloud Session August 2009


01. Winter Sun – Break
02. Forgetter Nights – Explicit
03. Conversations – Mutt Ft Kevin King
04. Chain Reaction – Die & Photek
05. Killing Time (Break Remix) – Noah D Ft Einstein
06. Go For Yours – Serum
07. The Clamp – Break
08. Eden Prime – Drum Cypha
09. Snake Fist VIP – Serum & Bladerunner
10. Mercenary Dub – Bladerunner
11. Insignia – SpectraSoul
12. Sequential Circuit – D.Kay & Rawfull
13. Warriors – Serum & Bladerunner
14. The Execution (Serum Remix) – Spinback & Gwange
15. Broken (Sigma Remix) – Mclean
16. Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Sigma
17. Trident – Sato, Jubei & Treez
18. Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) – Total Science
19. Sorority Sleepover – Twisted Individual
20. Steady – Gridlok
21. Scrap Yard Dog – Heist
22. Cream Soda – Dan Miracle
23. High & Low – Lenzman & Redeyes
24. Evelyne (Worriesome) – Mutt
25. 3 Times Dope – Sappo
26. Remote Da Force – Digital & Lutin
27. Gutter Life – Serum
28. Slum Dub – S.P.Y
29. Down the Line (Break Remix) – Alix Perez & Fats


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