Operation Employment Kiki

Hmmm. I’ve definitely been quite easy going about my employment. I do apply for jobs everyday but I’ve also sort of been working for my friend and I had a severance package so I wasn’t that desperate. The work for my friend is dwindling now and my severance package has pretty much run out. I have to get my ass in gear. Fortunately I’m still not depressed. I am a person that believes everything happens for a reason. The only reason I’m writing about it today is because my mum suggested maybe coming home… gasp. And I’m actually thinking about it… gasp squared. I wouldn’t give up my flat or anything. I would just be making some money in Madison until I got myself back on my feet. My unemployment money covers my rent so that would be taken care of. I said I’m thinking about it. I’m still not really sold. I dislike Madison immensely. I find it stifling and boring as fuck. I’m just babbling about it cuz my mum brought it up this morning. We’ll see.

I need to buy some new tunes. LOL. I know I don’t have any money but there’s a whole new wave of dnb that I would like to add to my collection so I need to hussle a little more and get some spending money. I’m usually pretty content with my selection. I hadn’t really heard any tracks that I thought I would die if I didn’t own so I was ok with being poor and not being able to afford new stuff. The mixes I have been listening to lately have definitely changed my mind though so I guess we’ll have to add “Operation New Tunes” to my list too.

Dj Marky & SPYKinki Funky (track is in Marky player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FX & T Power feat. Di – Shake Ur BodyEbony Records 2002

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #11


Survival – Sky
Freaknc & Mindmapper – Fangtooth [Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Martyn – Get Down
Mindmapper – The Seeker
Zyon Base & Hobzee – 1000 Paper Cranes
Linden – Sabotage [Broken Audio Dub]
Joe Syntax – Sentinels [Dub]
Icicle – Lost Hours
Substance – System-X [Black Reign Dub]
Nymfo – Follow The Signs
Mikal – Highway
The Funktastics – Honey
Grafix – Panorama [Dub]
Netsky – Starlight
Glen-E-Ston – One Life [Dub]
Stunna & Grand Marquee – Silent Dub
Druid – Sidestep [Point 9 Dub]
Deleted Scene – Mystery [Dub]
June Miller – Converge [Horizons Dub]
Fre4Knc – The Tube
Lenzman & Treez – Bear Trap
Proxima – You Ain’t Ready
Mikal – Distance
Break – Timeline Vip
The Invaderz – Can’t Explain It
Phobia – Hatcher
Lynx – Counterpoint
Spinline – Razzia
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Boogie Down
Nymfo – Cybernetic Disorder
Survival – Back Again


One thought on “Operation Employment Kiki

  1. feel the same way,havent been able to buy new stuff for a while ;( , (but i did get hold of 300 oldschool plates yesterday for practicaly nothing so that kinda filled the void a bit hehe),still though gotta scrape some cash from somewhere before redeye ect are out of stock 😦

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