Cheap Like The Budgie

Uggg.  I got on the train this morning and completely forgot about the 50 cent fare hike.  Boo.  Is it possible for me to become more of a miser than I already am?  The city is getting expensive on the sneak tip.  10.25% tax is fucking ridiculous and $2.25 to get on the train?  Yikes.  Thank god my rent and my utilities are still on the low end.  Nothing like a monday morning gripe right?  😉

Recriminate – Linear (track is in player)

Xample feat. LomaxContra

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanyBrain ScanBad Company Recordings 2000
I can use so many tracks from the Inside The Machine LP as my oldies.  I really did love it.  I was just telling Stunna this morning that I’ve been craving old rowdy tunes.  I’ve been listening to this one on repeat for the past couple of days.  It’s great to run on the treadmill to.

Data@ Subtext on Bassdrive 1/4/09


01.   Commix – Underwater Scene [SOUL:R]
02.   Data – Delicate [INFLUENCE]
03.   SpectraSoul – Taken [CRITICAL]
04.   Atom – Excursion [N/A]
05.   Data – Reconnaissance [METALHEADZ]
06.   Data – Abstractions [METALHEADZ]
07.   SpectraSoul – Captive [CRITICAL]
08.   Lenzman – Detroit [N/A]
09.   Atom – 2012 [N/A]
10.   Data – Muted [METALHEADZ]
11.   Lomax – Too Real [SOUL:R]

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