Slumdog Kiki

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night.  If you’re looking for something to watch definitely see this.  I am a big fan of that British show Skins and Anwar was one of my favourite characters so it was nice to see Dev Patel in this movie.  The little boy that played the younger version of Dev’s character was absolutely adorable.  Awesome movie.

More snow.  Boo.  I told you I bought a shovel for my car so I guess I am more or less prepared to dig my car out at all times, doesn’t mean I’m happy about it though.  😉

A Sides feat. DeeizmJust Be (track is in the A Sides player)

Simplification – Love Forever (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CBody RockRam Records 2001
I remember everyone had mixed feelings about this track.  I liked it.  I kinda liked it more stand alone than in the mix though.

ImplexDrum n Bass RU Podcast 13


01. Polar – Mind of a Killer
02. Seba and Lenk feat Robert Manos – 16 Stories
03. MACC and 0=0 – Bridge Over Broken Water
04. Nucleus and Paradox – Soul Message
05. Hi-Lar – Back On Trip (LXC Rmx)
06. Amit – Dirt Box
07. Dissident and Cyberworm – Freud’s imaginary friend
08. Martsman – Trueschool Drumkit Wonder
09. ASC and Mav – Retract
10. Graphic feat Beans – I Am Metal
11. Instra Mental – Hunter
12. Abstract Elements – Throb
13. Polar – End of the Story
14. Teebee – Stolen Documents (Polar Remix)
15. Polar – Another Time
16. Pieter K – Numina
17. Commix – Underwater Scene
18. Bop – Phantasmagoria
19. Dissident and Bop – Somnambula

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