Hamburglar Kiki

If you haven’t listened to Random Movement’s podcast #9 you are seriously missing out.  It’s really great.  I had a good workout to it this morning.

It’s my buddy Submorphics bday today.  We’re going to go eat at Kuma’s.  I’ve never been there before.  I’m not overly obsessed with burgers that’s prolly why.  Everyone says they are the best, I guess I’ll find out today if that’s true. 😉

Happy Bday Greg!!!

Simplification feat. TranslateStart (track is in Simplification player)

Today’s Oldie:
ReprazentShare The FallTalking Loud 1996
I already listened to the Zero T mix below and decided this was too good an oldie to pass up. 🙂

Zero TFabric May 2010 Promo Mix


Dillinja – Fly Away
SPY – Favela
Icicle – Rude As F**k
Rockwell – My War
8Bits – So Good
Calibre – Untitled
System – Position One
Zero T – Harms Way
Reprazent – Share The Fall [Jeep Mix]
Rockwell – Full Circle
Total Science – Trespass
Commix – Justified [Spectrasoul Remix]
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifecrisis [Origin Unknown Remix]
Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason
Zero T & Mosus – Videodrome
Noisia ft. Joe Seven – Hand Gestures
Zero T & Steo – Close To See
Zero T & Beta 2 – North Beach
Icicle – Garde
Grace Jones – Love You To Life [Mala Remix]
Ramadanman – I Beg You
Pariah – Orpheus
Joy Orbison – So Disrobe
Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
Bonobo – Eyesdown [Warrior One Remix]

Bdays & Kiki

It’s not my bday today but apparently it’s everyone else’s!  I know six people who’s born today.  Of those six, two of them are my brother and sister who are twins.  So shout outs to Imara and Amani for turning 40 today.  My brother Imara lives in Chi too so I get to hang out and partake in festivities.  Woot.

Simplification – Never Alone (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Deep BlueThe Helicopter TuneMoving Shadow 1993
I remember dancing to this tune at one of my first raves back then.  That was 17 years ago… um what?  LOL.

John B Podcast 75March 2010 Studio Mix


01. Tesla Boy // Runaway Man (John B Remix) // [CDR]
02. Klute // Will you Still Love me? // [Commercial Suicide]
03. Noisia // Thursday // [Vision]
04. Tuneboxii // Bits & Blocks (Lynx Remix) // [Run Riot Recordings]
05. Seba // Keep Me Waiting // [31 Recordings]
06. Implex & Enei // Universal
07. Young Punx // Ready for the Fight (Phonat Remix) // [MoFo HiFi]
08. DC Breaks // Halo [Viper Recordings]
09. Cube // Metro Lovers // [Nu Electro]
10. Xilent // Irreversible // [Beta Recordings]
11. DaVIP & Encode // Vamonos // [Breed]
12. Subsonik & MC Messinian // We’re Coming Back
13. DC Breaks // Take Me Alive // [Viper]
14. dBridge, instra:mental & Skream // Arcacia Avenue // [Autonomic]
15. Lenzman // Rags to Riches // [Shogun Audio]
16. Cube // Go Away // [Nu Electro]
17. Fresh // Acid Rain // [BBK]
18. Nero // Electron // [MTA]
19. Johnny L // Piper (Grooverider Remix) // [XL]
20. Ed Rush & Nico // Technology (Boymerang Remix) // [No U Turn]

Sze Chuan Kiki

One thing I like about Mike being in town is we always go out for good eats.  Yesterday I had the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.  Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown is awesome.  So many options.  The menu is huge.  There are things on there that I have never even heard of before.  All the food was non greasy and really flavourful.  I will definitely go there again.

When I was in college I used to be best friends with this Chinese girl and her parents owned a Chinese restaurant in South Dakota where she was from.  I went home with her once and eating at their restaurant was wonderful.  When we ate dinner they made absolutely nothing that was actually on their menu.  There were all these entrees that I’d never seen and they were so full of great seasonings and yummy.  I guess it’s easier to keep the Americanized versions for us and keep the good good ish for themselves. 😉

Leaving tomorrow.  I will try and write while I go on my two week excursion but can’t promise that I’ll actually get to.  I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!  Safe travels if you are going anywhere and just enjoy spending time with the people you care about.  I plan to. 🙂

Simplification feat. Command StrangeMelody (track is in Simplification player)
Loving the flow of this one.  I love tracks where you can just get lost in the head nod.

Today’s Oldie:
Roni Size & Dj DieAll The Crew Big UpV Recordings 1995
Drums drums drums.  Love it! Great Oldie.

BalistikAssasin Sounds Show DnB Radio 12/19/09


01 – Mefjus – No Choice
02 – Zeal & Litta – See You Next Tuesday
03 – Mefjus, Bowser & Kaiza – Gravitational Lensing
04 – Arsenic – Decapitator (Audio rmx)
05 – Savage Rehab – Antithing
06 – KZSS & The Colaboration – No Peace
07 – Savage Rehab – New Dawn Project (Still Dark Mix)
08 – Incident – Serial Killers
09 – Mr Explicit – Trapped Inside
10 – Kiotek – Beyond Comprehension
11 – Paul Saint Jack – Timeless (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
12 – Katharsys – The Chain
13 – Mefjus & Bowser – Cerberus Paws
14 – Audio – Fallout (Rollout VIP)
15 – Break – Is This What You Want VIP
16 – Die & Break – Get Some
17 – Serum & Bladerunner – Snakefist
18 – Capone – Friday
19 – Mr Explicit – Who Do I Trust
20 – Cooh & Dereck – Adrenaline
21 – Dillinja – Hard Noize
22 – Paul SG – Grey Skin (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
23 – Prolix feat Maldini – Hall Of Mirrors
24 – Gridlock – Know This Sound
25 – Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (Bladerunner Rmx)
26 – DJ SS – Black (Bladerunner Rmx)
27 – Explicit + Balistik – Exsistance (Explicit VIP)

Mellow Kiki

I’m excited for the weekend.  I feel like I have fun activities in store.  Fun by my definition anyways.

It’s Jessica’s bday on sunday but we’re celebrating tonight.  We’re gonna be lowkey and just have a nice meal and kick it grownz up style.

Tomorrow I’m gonna go see Madeleine’s new digs as she has moved to my neck of the woods, not down the street but definitely closer than Pilsen.

Then sunday me and Caroline are going to Bed Bath and Beyond to give our bathroom a makeover.

Yes, like I said before, these things are exciting to me and me alone.  LOL.  Caroline moving in has given me the push I needed to inject new life into my flat.  I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but really just never did it.  Sometimes I need some drastic change to happen to motivate me to get a move on.

Simplification – In My Mind (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Marky & XRSThe WizardInnerground Records 2005
I’m stuck in 2003/2004/2005 this week for some reason.  We’ll have to take the time machine a little further back next week 😉


Lynx & KemoData Transmission Podcast

01. Lynx & Hellrazor – Silver Glide [Dub]
02. Bal – The Trendy Tune [Influence]
03. Bugz in the Attic – Doghouse (Lynx re edit) [V2]
04. Instrumental Ft D Bridge – Watching You [Non Plus]
05. Lynx Ft Master X & Simon Wiggins – Hotriders [Soul:R]
06. Triad – Last Gasp [Dub]
07. Lynx Ft Delhia – Everyday (Fantasy) [Dub]
08. Commix – Breaking Through [31]
09. Lynx & Kemo – One Love [Soul:R]
10. Lynx, Bango Collective, Kemo, Dennis – Apocalypse V Disco Dodo [Dub]
11. Bop – I Found You [Medskool]
12. Hobzee & Zyon Base – A Million Words [Dub]
13. Lynx Ft Tali & Vaceo – The Real Thing [Soul:R]
14. Calibre – Let Me Hold You [Signature]
15. Lynx & Kemo Ft Henree – Deez Breakz [Soul:R]
16. Notion & Second Self – Step With It [Dub]
17. Spectrasoul – Stutter [Dub]
18. Lynx – Chess Funk [Dub]
19. Alex Reece (Lynx Remix) – Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz]
20. Lynx – Semitones [Soul:R]
21. Bop – Lonely Metaphysician [Medskool]

Un-“organized” Kiki

I had a pretty fun weekend.  I love it when there’s loads of activities to do.

Got my hip hop/rap fix and saw Dj Revolution on saturday.  He is awesome.

In “No One Cares What You Think Kiki” news,  I just want to say that I do not like SpectraSoul’s Organizer.  It’s no secret that I’m actually a big Spectrasoul fan, it’s just that I’m just sick of hearing that track on every mix and I don’t think it’s dope at all.

Simplification – Dreams (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Moving FusionBrainstormRam Records 1999
Love it.

SurvivalDOA May Mix 2009 (copy and paste link into browser)
I ❤ Survival.

Survival – Foreshadow (Exit)
Spy – Alone
Loxy & iso – Shodan
Data, E & Dynamic – Skinwalkers (Revolution)
Notion – See The Eyes
Survival – Pray (Audio Tactics)
Notion – Step With It
Insiders – Trust
Silent Witness –
Break – Is This What You Want VIP (Symmetry)
Survival – Point Five(Revolution)
Soul Intent – Rebel Music
Break – Isis (Symmetry)
Phobia & Jubei – Coopers Dream
Survival – Burned Out (Exit)
Survival – Body Snatchers (Audio Tactics)
Spy – Beyond The Threshold
Survival – Untitled
Survival & Alix Perez – Untitled
Survival – Too Little Too Late (Exit)
Break, Fierce & Nico – Draw
Survival – Gravity Bourne (Play Musik)


There are some days where you just don’t really know what’s going on.  Know what I mean?  You ponder things, you wonder how things are going to pan out, you really just don’t have a grasp on it and it’s not really that bothersome, it just peaks your curiosity even more.  I’m having one of those today.

On that note, in dedication to my post title I figured I would post the link to that horrific video by C & C Music Factory.

Dj Clart – Rain (track is in player)

Simplification – Sixth Dimension (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
B-keyCapacitorXXX 2000
When I first started to learn to mix, understanding the beatmatching concept was not my problem.  I kinda already got that concept.  I’m good at math so it just made sense.  My big problem was understanding how to use the equipment.  It took me a while to get comfortable with all the things you could do with the mixer.  For the longest time I just blended.  No tricks. Nothing.  Then I went through the phase where I understood how the phono/line button could be used in your mix and I’m sure everyone cursed the day I learned that.  Every mix I just went nuts.  This B-key was one of my favourites cuz it’s a really fun track to play with the phono/line button.  All the elements are awesome and just make the blend that more interesting.  Lovesit!  Awesome noisy business.

Lekke! I’ve missed you.  I’ve always enjoyed his mixes, they are just nice to listen to.  I found this one on Doddi’s Blog.  I’m gonna listen right now.
LekkeDeep Space Comms January 2009


01. Nu:Tone – Beatnik
02. Lomax – Come And See
03. Atom – Dolly
04. Bungle – The Source
05. Calibre – Can’t Get Over You
06. Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded
07. Alix Perez & Zero Tolerance – Threads
08. S.T. Files – Eight Six
09. D-Bridge – Creatures of Habit
10. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Strike Back
11. Lenzman – Marseille
12. Mistical – Eject
13. Zero Tolerance & Steo – Too Much
14. Calibre – You Could Dance
15. Logistics – Last Years Loss
16. Alix Perez – Stray
17. Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
18. Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
19. Break – Enigma (Calibre remix)
20. Logistics – Follow That Star

Slumdog Kiki

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night.  If you’re looking for something to watch definitely see this.  I am a big fan of that British show Skins and Anwar was one of my favourite characters so it was nice to see Dev Patel in this movie.  The little boy that played the younger version of Dev’s character was absolutely adorable.  Awesome movie.

More snow.  Boo.  I told you I bought a shovel for my car so I guess I am more or less prepared to dig my car out at all times, doesn’t mean I’m happy about it though.  😉

A Sides feat. DeeizmJust Be (track is in the A Sides player)

Simplification – Love Forever (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CBody RockRam Records 2001
I remember everyone had mixed feelings about this track.  I liked it.  I kinda liked it more stand alone than in the mix though.

ImplexDrum n Bass RU Podcast 13


01. Polar – Mind of a Killer
02. Seba and Lenk feat Robert Manos – 16 Stories
03. MACC and 0=0 – Bridge Over Broken Water
04. Nucleus and Paradox – Soul Message
05. Hi-Lar – Back On Trip (LXC Rmx)
06. Amit – Dirt Box
07. Dissident and Cyberworm – Freud’s imaginary friend
08. Martsman – Trueschool Drumkit Wonder
09. ASC and Mav – Retract
10. Graphic feat Beans – I Am Metal
11. Instra Mental – Hunter
12. Abstract Elements – Throb
13. Polar – End of the Story
14. Teebee – Stolen Documents (Polar Remix)
15. Polar – Another Time
16. Pieter K – Numina
17. Commix – Underwater Scene
18. Bop – Phantasmagoria
19. Dissident and Bop – Somnambula

Kiki The SnowWoman

That snow storm yesterday was crazy. I dug my car out of it’s own personal snow igloo this morning. I feel like this week is kinda busy at work so I’m saving you from my usually gabfest and getting right down to business. 😉

Glen[e]Ston – Lost Love (track is in the player)

UnderSound – Happy Go Lucky (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Prisoners of Technology Trick of TechnologyDance Concept 1996
Hmmm. This is a party tune. I can’t really say I’d play it today but it’s still a significant part of my rave era so I figured I’d use it as today’s oldie.

Liquid DnB Sessions Podcast 10 w/ Nookie & Simplification

1st Hour

01 – Calibre – Hypnotise (Soul:R)
02 – Nookie – l Love the Way (Beyond Blue)
03 – Random Movement – Her Song (Innerground)
04 – 2 Funkys – Music (Dub Plate)
05 – Dj Marky & Makoto – Stressed Out (Innerground Dub)
06 – Simplification – Must be Dreaming (Dreamsound Dub)
07 – Simplification – Ultimate of Century (Zen Dub)
08 – Dj Marky,Bungle & Roots – Restart (Innerground)
09 – Drumagick – Dry your Eyes (Liquid V Dub)
10 – Simplification – Love Forever (Innerground Dub)
11 – Brookes Brothers – Tear your Down (Breakbeat Kaos)
12 – Dj Marky & Bungle – Back Like That (Bootleg)
13 – Bcee & Lomax – One Year On (Innerground)
14 – Prime8 & Dan Marshall – Jungle Jazz D. Kay Rmx (Brigand Dub)
15 – Dj Origin – Breaking Heartz (Phusion Dub)
16 – Intellingent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (All Street)
17 – Dj Clart – What You Won..t Do (Creative Source Dub)
18 – Makoto – Get to This (Innerground Unreleased)

2nd Hour

Live from HUB
Friday 7th November 2008

Liquid Lovin

I actually had a really good weekend. I’ve been really bored with my life lately. Shit just becomes too stagnant when you do the same things over and over again. I haven’t been frequenting Lava as much. I haven’t been kicking it with the usual suspects at the usual places. It was nice to just change stuff up. I hung out with different people and just didn’t do the same things I always do. It was really refreshing.

I went to see Stepbrothers. I admit that Will Ferrell can get annoying but I thought this movie was really funny. I think my expectations were really low and therefore I enjoyed it even more, but for what it was it was ridiculously funny. I laughed the entire time. As long as you don’t go into something pretending it something else you’re usually not going to be disappointed.

I was pretty busy this weekend and didn’t have time to go to the apple store, hence, I’m still ipod less. I rode my bike today, so no one harassed me on the train. I’m excited to get back into my ipod world but at the same time I’ve unfortunately gotten used to the mundane ipodless world.

Saw this new Commercial Suicide release that I’m kinda digging. Chris SU, Stress Level and Ant TC1, you can’t really go wrong there. I haven’t really bought anything by Stress Level and Ant TC1 over the past year, so I’m happy to see something I actually like.

Chris SU & Ant TC1 / Chris Su, Ant TC1 & Stress Level – The Vendetta / Final Cut

The other day in the Bassdrive chat room, people were complaining about Chemical Records. I was so shocked. They were talking about not receiving records and people being rude. It’s weird when a place doesn’t have consistent service. I feel like it’s important to have uniform service. Not to be a consumer nerd but dang, if you don’t make sure your employees treat people all the same way, it’s a sure fire way to lose business. I’ve never had any problems with them. I’ve always had perfect service. My records arrive in a ridiculous record amount of time. All their employees have been nothing but exemplary to me. Crazy that others would have the complete opposite experience. Chemical should really sort that out!

I don’t usually like to post sendspace mixes cuz I like my downloading experience to be a one click operation but this Dj Clart and Simplification mix looks wicked so I guess i’ll concede for today. 🙂


Atmosphere Show – Life FM – Dj Clart /Simplification July 27, ’08



01. Danny Byrd – Changes (Calibre remix)
02. Zero T – 5 Spot
03. SKC and Bratwa – Prophecy
04. Soul:ID – 4am
05. Brooklyn – Zissou
06. SpectraSoul – Seeing Stars
07. Cybass – Japonica
08. Redeyes – Poetry In Motion
09. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar( StereoType and Young Remix Bootie)
10. Skyform – Hanging
11. Friction – Overtime
12. Quantyze (D2une) and Gr8 – Play It Loud
13. Robot Redford – Deus Ex Machina
14. Kiat – Diablo


01. Peyo – That’s What U Do Me (Blu Saphir)
02. Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life (Influenza Media_Dub)
03. Command Strange – See In The Sun (Dub)
04. Intelligent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (Dub)
05. Simplification – Angel (Dreamsound_Dub)
06. Qumulus – Luv Me (Dub)
07. Bachelors of Science – Anytime She Goes Away (Horizons)
08. Dj Clart – What You Won’t Do (Dub)
09. Simplification – Out Of Time (Promo Audio Liquid_Dub)
10. Intelligent Manners – Baby I’m Falling Too (Influenza Media_Dub)
11. Prime8 – Karma (Dub)
12. Simplification – Dreams (Bootleg _Coming Soon)
13. Human Factor – Mistery (Dub)
14. Unreal – Mr Good Thinking (Dreamsound_Dub)
15. Simplification – Without You (Dub)
16. Funkyz – Music (Dub)
17. Artificial Intelligence – Ever On (Soul:r)


01. Jazz Thieves – Shakin Not Stirred VIP
02. Sinistarr – How We Do
03. Crix and Fats – Middle Of The Night