There are some days where you just don’t really know what’s going on.  Know what I mean?  You ponder things, you wonder how things are going to pan out, you really just don’t have a grasp on it and it’s not really that bothersome, it just peaks your curiosity even more.  I’m having one of those today.

On that note, in dedication to my post title I figured I would post the link to that horrific video by C & C Music Factory.

Dj Clart – Rain (track is in player)

Simplification – Sixth Dimension (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
B-keyCapacitorXXX 2000
When I first started to learn to mix, understanding the beatmatching concept was not my problem.  I kinda already got that concept.  I’m good at math so it just made sense.  My big problem was understanding how to use the equipment.  It took me a while to get comfortable with all the things you could do with the mixer.  For the longest time I just blended.  No tricks. Nothing.  Then I went through the phase where I understood how the phono/line button could be used in your mix and I’m sure everyone cursed the day I learned that.  Every mix I just went nuts.  This B-key was one of my favourites cuz it’s a really fun track to play with the phono/line button.  All the elements are awesome and just make the blend that more interesting.  Lovesit!  Awesome noisy business.

Lekke! I’ve missed you.  I’ve always enjoyed his mixes, they are just nice to listen to.  I found this one on Doddi’s Blog.  I’m gonna listen right now.
LekkeDeep Space Comms January 2009


01. Nu:Tone – Beatnik
02. Lomax – Come And See
03. Atom – Dolly
04. Bungle – The Source
05. Calibre – Can’t Get Over You
06. Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded
07. Alix Perez & Zero Tolerance – Threads
08. S.T. Files – Eight Six
09. D-Bridge – Creatures of Habit
10. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Strike Back
11. Lenzman – Marseille
12. Mistical – Eject
13. Zero Tolerance & Steo – Too Much
14. Calibre – You Could Dance
15. Logistics – Last Years Loss
16. Alix Perez – Stray
17. Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
18. Zero Tolerance – Goes Around
19. Break – Enigma (Calibre remix)
20. Logistics – Follow That Star


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