Sze Chuan Kiki

One thing I like about Mike being in town is we always go out for good eats.  Yesterday I had the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.  Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown is awesome.  So many options.  The menu is huge.  There are things on there that I have never even heard of before.  All the food was non greasy and really flavourful.  I will definitely go there again.

When I was in college I used to be best friends with this Chinese girl and her parents owned a Chinese restaurant in South Dakota where she was from.  I went home with her once and eating at their restaurant was wonderful.  When we ate dinner they made absolutely nothing that was actually on their menu.  There were all these entrees that I’d never seen and they were so full of great seasonings and yummy.  I guess it’s easier to keep the Americanized versions for us and keep the good good ish for themselves. 😉

Leaving tomorrow.  I will try and write while I go on my two week excursion but can’t promise that I’ll actually get to.  I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!  Safe travels if you are going anywhere and just enjoy spending time with the people you care about.  I plan to. 🙂

Simplification feat. Command StrangeMelody (track is in Simplification player)
Loving the flow of this one.  I love tracks where you can just get lost in the head nod.

Today’s Oldie:
Roni Size & Dj DieAll The Crew Big UpV Recordings 1995
Drums drums drums.  Love it! Great Oldie.

BalistikAssasin Sounds Show DnB Radio 12/19/09


01 – Mefjus – No Choice
02 – Zeal & Litta – See You Next Tuesday
03 – Mefjus, Bowser & Kaiza – Gravitational Lensing
04 – Arsenic – Decapitator (Audio rmx)
05 – Savage Rehab – Antithing
06 – KZSS & The Colaboration – No Peace
07 – Savage Rehab – New Dawn Project (Still Dark Mix)
08 – Incident – Serial Killers
09 – Mr Explicit – Trapped Inside
10 – Kiotek – Beyond Comprehension
11 – Paul Saint Jack – Timeless (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
12 – Katharsys – The Chain
13 – Mefjus & Bowser – Cerberus Paws
14 – Audio – Fallout (Rollout VIP)
15 – Break – Is This What You Want VIP
16 – Die & Break – Get Some
17 – Serum & Bladerunner – Snakefist
18 – Capone – Friday
19 – Mr Explicit – Who Do I Trust
20 – Cooh & Dereck – Adrenaline
21 – Dillinja – Hard Noize
22 – Paul SG – Grey Skin (Mefjus & Bowser Rmx)
23 – Prolix feat Maldini – Hall Of Mirrors
24 – Gridlock – Know This Sound
25 – Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (Bladerunner Rmx)
26 – DJ SS – Black (Bladerunner Rmx)
27 – Explicit + Balistik – Exsistance (Explicit VIP)


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