Liquid Lovin

I actually had a really good weekend. I’ve been really bored with my life lately. Shit just becomes too stagnant when you do the same things over and over again. I haven’t been frequenting Lava as much. I haven’t been kicking it with the usual suspects at the usual places. It was nice to just change stuff up. I hung out with different people and just didn’t do the same things I always do. It was really refreshing.

I went to see Stepbrothers. I admit that Will Ferrell can get annoying but I thought this movie was really funny. I think my expectations were really low and therefore I enjoyed it even more, but for what it was it was ridiculously funny. I laughed the entire time. As long as you don’t go into something pretending it something else you’re usually not going to be disappointed.

I was pretty busy this weekend and didn’t have time to go to the apple store, hence, I’m still ipod less. I rode my bike today, so no one harassed me on the train. I’m excited to get back into my ipod world but at the same time I’ve unfortunately gotten used to the mundane ipodless world.

Saw this new Commercial Suicide release that I’m kinda digging. Chris SU, Stress Level and Ant TC1, you can’t really go wrong there. I haven’t really bought anything by Stress Level and Ant TC1 over the past year, so I’m happy to see something I actually like.

Chris SU & Ant TC1 / Chris Su, Ant TC1 & Stress Level – The Vendetta / Final Cut

The other day in the Bassdrive chat room, people were complaining about Chemical Records. I was so shocked. They were talking about not receiving records and people being rude. It’s weird when a place doesn’t have consistent service. I feel like it’s important to have uniform service. Not to be a consumer nerd but dang, if you don’t make sure your employees treat people all the same way, it’s a sure fire way to lose business. I’ve never had any problems with them. I’ve always had perfect service. My records arrive in a ridiculous record amount of time. All their employees have been nothing but exemplary to me. Crazy that others would have the complete opposite experience. Chemical should really sort that out!

I don’t usually like to post sendspace mixes cuz I like my downloading experience to be a one click operation but this Dj Clart and Simplification mix looks wicked so I guess i’ll concede for today. 🙂


Atmosphere Show – Life FM – Dj Clart /Simplification July 27, ’08



01. Danny Byrd – Changes (Calibre remix)
02. Zero T – 5 Spot
03. SKC and Bratwa – Prophecy
04. Soul:ID – 4am
05. Brooklyn – Zissou
06. SpectraSoul – Seeing Stars
07. Cybass – Japonica
08. Redeyes – Poetry In Motion
09. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar( StereoType and Young Remix Bootie)
10. Skyform – Hanging
11. Friction – Overtime
12. Quantyze (D2une) and Gr8 – Play It Loud
13. Robot Redford – Deus Ex Machina
14. Kiat – Diablo


01. Peyo – That’s What U Do Me (Blu Saphir)
02. Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life (Influenza Media_Dub)
03. Command Strange – See In The Sun (Dub)
04. Intelligent Manners – Music Take Your Mind (Dub)
05. Simplification – Angel (Dreamsound_Dub)
06. Qumulus – Luv Me (Dub)
07. Bachelors of Science – Anytime She Goes Away (Horizons)
08. Dj Clart – What You Won’t Do (Dub)
09. Simplification – Out Of Time (Promo Audio Liquid_Dub)
10. Intelligent Manners – Baby I’m Falling Too (Influenza Media_Dub)
11. Prime8 – Karma (Dub)
12. Simplification – Dreams (Bootleg _Coming Soon)
13. Human Factor – Mistery (Dub)
14. Unreal – Mr Good Thinking (Dreamsound_Dub)
15. Simplification – Without You (Dub)
16. Funkyz – Music (Dub)
17. Artificial Intelligence – Ever On (Soul:r)


01. Jazz Thieves – Shakin Not Stirred VIP
02. Sinistarr – How We Do
03. Crix and Fats – Middle Of The Night


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