Mes Amis

I’m a wee bit crabby today. Boo. 😦

Too much annoying work and I sure as hell don’t feel like doing it, which is just pathetic since it’s only tuesday. Boo squared.

I am really looking forward to this weekend though. It’s my friend Jessica’s 30th bday and a bunch of our friends from Minneapolis are coming for the weekend. Jessica is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She was my old roomate when I lived in Minneapolis and she moved to Chicago the year after I did. I think it was a bonus for me because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have settled in as easily to my Chicago lifestyle if I hadn’t had someone that was a good friend that knew me really well to kick it with while I went on my quest to meet new people.

I’m quite fond of my friends. Five of them from Minneapolis are coming up for the weekend and they are both mine and Jessica’s mutual really good friends. I know it sounds dumb and corny to talk about how much you appreciate your friends, but as you get older it’s a lot harder to make new friends. I’ve had the same tight knit group of friends for 11 to 12 years. They aren’t acquaintances who I just see out. They are genuine people who have been a part of my life consistently and actually care about what happens to me. I thought that everyone had those go to people that they rely on no matter what but I’m discovering that that isn’t really always the case and therefore I am very grateful for my friends. The key test to friendship is when you have significantly big changes in your life, whether or not those people continue to be your friends. Be it having a child, moving to a different state or getting married. All three of these things have happened to our group of friends and our friendships are still in tact and still as strong. I’m quite fortunate that I met some really great people once I moved to Chicago too and have added them to my little group. I hope others have the same luck I do cuz honestly, there’s nothing better than having great friends. 🙂

*end of emo rant*

I heard some new Hospital Records stuff that wasn’t really my cup of tea. Bah, I think I might just not be that into the direction they are heading these days. No harm done. Not every sound is gonna please everyone. it’s still a pretty good label regardless.

Part one of Redeyes’ LP is out on promo. I really like the Conart track. I can’t say I’m really into that Deeizm track. I think she’s a really great emcee but I kinda get annoyed when the vocals tend to dominate a whole track unless your Diane Charlemagne or something. Yeah I’m a picky bitch. Whatever.

RedeyesPoetry In Motion LP Part 1

I’ve been waiting for this Random Movement for ages. I fucking love this Lesson & Aftermath. It’s so melodic and just plain ol lovely, beautiful, liquidy, pretty, all those adjectives and then some. Definite make out music. 😉 The flip is really good too.

Random MovementLesson & Aftermath

I’m going to go back to being crabby and continue sulking as I get my work done.


Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show 07/22/08

(a couple of stream dropping issues here and there but a great show nonetheless!)

Hobzee & Zyon Base – One Thousand Paper Cranes – Samurai
Red Eyes – Seperate Ways (Amen Mix) – Innerground
Atlantic Connection – Situations (Zero Tolerance Remix) – Dispatch
Survival – Back Again – Integral
Data – Termite – ???
Klute – Media – ??
Lomax & Kasra – Warrior – Critical
Mosus & SPY – Drop Shadow – ??
Calibre – Roundfhouse – Signature
Mixmaster Doc – ??? – Innerground
ST : Cal – Back Again – Moods – Soul:R
ST : Files – Moods – Soul:R
Zero Tolerance Feat Steo – Too Much – Integral
Cern – Lucid State – Critical
Cern – Dark Before Dawn – Xtinction Agenda
Cern – Tmeslip – Samurai
State Of Mind – Space Surfer – SOM Music
Stunna & Subz – Night Shift – ??
Red Eyes – Untitled – ??
Soul Intent – Studio Pressure – Influence
Subwave – Think – Shogun
Data – Blowpipe – Revolution
Data – The Causeway – Influence
Luca – Eastern Highway – ??
Marcus Intalex – Skizm – Soul :R
Soul Intent – Orbit – ??
Insight – Metro – ??
Mosus & Spy – Shades Of Grey (Dub Mix) – ??
Break & Survival – Sick – Dispatch
Data – Skinwalkers – ?


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