Un-“organized” Kiki

I had a pretty fun weekend.  I love it when there’s loads of activities to do.

Got my hip hop/rap fix and saw Dj Revolution on saturday.  He is awesome.

In “No One Cares What You Think Kiki” news,  I just want to say that I do not like SpectraSoul’s Organizer.  It’s no secret that I’m actually a big Spectrasoul fan, it’s just that I’m just sick of hearing that track on every mix and I don’t think it’s dope at all.

Simplification – Dreams (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Moving FusionBrainstormRam Records 1999
Love it.

SurvivalDOA May Mix 2009 (copy and paste link into browser)
I ❤ Survival.

Survival – Foreshadow (Exit)
Spy – Alone
Loxy & iso – Shodan
Data, E & Dynamic – Skinwalkers (Revolution)
Notion – See The Eyes
Survival – Pray (Audio Tactics)
Notion – Step With It
Insiders – Trust
Silent Witness –
Break – Is This What You Want VIP (Symmetry)
Survival – Point Five(Revolution)
Soul Intent – Rebel Music
Break – Isis (Symmetry)
Phobia & Jubei – Coopers Dream
Survival – Burned Out (Exit)
Survival – Body Snatchers (Audio Tactics)
Spy – Beyond The Threshold
Survival – Untitled
Survival & Alix Perez – Untitled
Survival – Too Little Too Late (Exit)
Break, Fierce & Nico – Draw
Survival – Gravity Bourne (Play Musik)

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