<3 Fridays <3

So I figured, 1 year older, why not change the look a bit.  I’m not really sure that I like it but it’ll do.  I’m too much of a miser to pay for an upgrade to have a better choice of themes so these free ones are all I have. Hwilde informed me that “your template is all girly now!”  What can I say, there’s obviously a 4 year old girl trapped inside me somewhere that decided this pink explosion was the next best move. 😉

I’m happy it’s friday.  Spinn, the weekend, no work for 2 days… Bliss.  I haven’t really been that into this week to be honest.

We all know I’m Bassdrive “all day e’rry day” but I recently discovered Dj Amnesty’s show and I’m hooked.  I tune into Bassdrive throughout my workday and I usually have specific shows that I’m locking in for.  For a while I didn’t actually know when his show was on.  I would come across a replay or just happen to tune in mid show every now and again.  Now I’m in the know and I’m a fan.  Definitely check him out.  Thursdays 7am to 9am CST / 1pm to 3pm UK.  I know that’s early for us on this side of the pond but you can also catch the archive on his website www.djamnesty.com.  I listened to his set the entire time I was at the gym yesterday and loved it.  Big up Bangkok!

Nusense feat. NC-17 – Just Heroes (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXWolfEbony Records 1996
Late 90s and Shy FX = Ravetastic.  Bangers for sure.  Love it.

DruidThe D.R.U. Show w/ Guest Mix from Atmospherix 050409


Nymfo – Follow The Signs
Devize & Shookz – Electric Brain
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Lenzman & Trees – Bear Trap
Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
Zero Frequency – Missing Blue [dub]
KI & Expect – The 98 Thing
Touchphonics – Shadow’ Bouncin
System & Phil Source – Fearless
Young Ax – Let’s Go
The Funktastics – Moanin’ [Spin Recordings dub]
Phat Playaz – Skyline [dub]
Druid – Lightheaded [dub]
Subwave – Dreamcatcher
Task Horizon – Lost And Found

(he just recently changed his name to Atmos)

Atmospherix + Sem – Get Down (Dub)
Loxy + Cern – Juggernaught (Revolution)
Nymfo + Icicle – Franky Mountain (RAM)
Sabre – Cellar Dweller (Horizons)
Bionic 1 – No Return (Hustle Audio)
Fierce + Break + D-Bridge + Nico – Galleon (Quarantine)
Cern – Shuddervision (Symptom)
Nymfo + Proxima – Headless Housfly (Frequency)
BMK + Coda + Krooked – Hush (Bios)
Calibre – Trip it (Digital Soundboy)
Nusense – Subtle Sounds (Hustle Audio dub)
Proxima – Vital Signs (Cylon)
HLZ – 140 dub (Influenza LTD dub)
Prolific – Mieration (Crunch)
Atmospherix – Never (dub)
D-Bridge – Bastion (Bingo)
Atmospherix + Sem – Deception (Influenza LTD dub)

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