Back In Business

Miserable ToddlerI’ve felt like that crabby baby to the right for the past seven days. Fortunately I no longer feel that way. I’m not 100% but I at least don’t feel like I’m about to keel over and die.

All in all I had a pretty good weekend. I got all hopped up on meds and went to Bass Goes Boom on friday. Man, if you live in Chicago and you love dubstep and don’t go to this night, you’re crazy. Chef absolutely killed it. That night is really fun. It was nice to see Mike too both him and Tim threw down as well.

I finally went to the apple store and invested in a new ipod dock. Yay. I managed to get to work today with not a single person saying a word to me… just how I like it. I definitely have missed my ipod. Welcome back buddy.

Since I’ve been sick my equilibrium is all off and my hearing was all fucked up and I’ve had a really hard time mixing but I’m happy to say that my hearing has returned slightly. Not fully, but enough that I at least don’t feel like I’m sitting in a tin can. I’m playing at Lava on wednesday for the Random Movement show and it should be an interesting set to say the least.  The night will include 3 of my favourite things so it really can’t end up being that horrid, 1) My friends 2) Drum n Bass 3) Lava. 😉

Found this Doc Scott Mix. Everyone on Breaksblog seems to be raving about it so hopefully it’s enjoyable.


Doc Scott Studio Mix June ’08

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