Is That You Biffy?

With the workload so heavy this week I’ve been coming in to work at 7 am. I know that sounds insane but I’m already up so I just leave the house instead of mucking about and watching tivo. It’s nice to get out at 4 pm too. The only drawback is that I’m going to bed super early cuz I’m so tired by the time it gets dark.

Seminar was really good last night. Sable Gray was dope and we all know how I feel about my buddy Stunna. 😉 I was just so tired though and I could barely keep my eyes open so I left early. I’m pretty sure I’m also just exhausted from the overhaul of exercise I’ve been getting the past couple of days. I got my bike this week and have been riding it to work. It’s a bit of a shock to my lazy ass when the majority of exercise I usually get is the 1 minute walk to the train station from my house! Anyway I’m digging the bike. It’s nice riding all over the city.

I feel like a naughty blogger because I haven’t really been able to tell you all the tracks I’ve been loving lately. This week at work is just hectic so hopefully I’ll be back in full chatterbox form soon.

In the meantime here’s this Chris Inperspective mix. Stunna was telling me how his new stuff is awesome and I just hadn’t really taken the time to listen to any of it, that was until I heard Biffy’s Not Here. Stunna played it before and it totally caught my ear. Sick tune. It’s hauntingly deep. Definitely loving it. There was this mix from the beginning of May that I had actually already downloaded but never listened to and Biffy’s on there so I guess I’ll be raving out to this one while I try to get through my ridiculous pile of work.


Chris Inperspective Mix – Phuture Frequency

Chris Inperspective – Sad kiss goodbye
Chris Inperspective – Shotgun Camel – Honeyblood
Chris Inperspective – It’s been fine
Chris Inperspective – Biffy’s not here
Chris Inperspective – Shotgun Camel – Love Her
Chris Inperspective – Crackish
Chris Inperspective – Comfort food
Chris Inperspective – Jog On
Chris Inperspective – Aftercare
Chris Inperspective – Relate to meChris Inperspective –
Chris Inperspective – Last stop
Chris Inperspective – Conway’s smile

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