Super Sharp Shooter

I’m waiting for my Danny Byrd Supersized EP. I think it comes out next week. Danny Byrd, for me, is my jump up dnb. It always makes me feel rowdy and I love it. I totally feel like it livens up my sets and they are good transition tracks when your trying to go from pretty to dance floor bangers. To be honest I haven’t really bought anything from Hospital Records in a while. I used to be all about them. Any release I was so on it! Maybe I’ve just gotten more boring ( I don’t know how that could possibly happen because I’m boring enough as it is already) and can’t keep up with status quo. *shrugs*

A duo I love to include in my “jump up” collection is Marky and Bungle. I remember having a conversation with Pipeline and we were talking about how crazy it is that their remixes are so fire! Seriously. I have to be pretty amped up to dance these days but I will totally dance to a Marky and Bungle remix. That Q Project Tears Remix was so awesome and, I still totally love that Dj ZincHear No Evil Remix.

Talking about jump up totally makes me think of how different those old jungle days were. I was seriously True Playaz / Ganja Records til I die. Peace, Love and Unity!! Those ravin’ days were so fun. I remember trying to learn to do tricks with Super Sharp Shooter. I guess the clownstep lovers would argue that clownstep is the jump up of today. I beg to differ. I think those songs of yesteryear can’t even compare to the horrific mess that is clownstep today. Again though, like I’ve said before, everyone is entitled to their opinion so since this is my blog I get to complain about clownstep as much as I want. 😉

Back to work.

I totally admit that I don’t really know who mSdoS is but the tracklist looks good and I kinda wanna hear the Bungle mix so it’ll do.

Liquid DnB Sessions Episode 3 – mSdoS & Bungle

mSdoS – Tracklist

1. Jazz Thieves – Shaken Not Stirred VIP (Pushin’ Wax Dub)
2. Zero Tolerance ft Steo – Walk Away (Dub)
3. mSdoS – New Age (Dub)
4. Equinox – Barcelona (Dub)
5. Physics – Invisible Spaces (Zen Recordings)
6. Naibu – It Took A Long Time (Creative Source)
7. Saburuko – Clintos Basement (Inside)
8. Mistabishi Ft Danman – Falling In Love (Hospital)
9. Q Project – Everything Changes But Me (Machine Funk)
10.Random Movement – A Good Start Is Saying No (Innerground)
11.Naibu – Nami Island (Celsius Recordings)
12.Atlantic Connection – 2 Years and Back (Progress)
13.Heist – Captain Nemo (Dub)
14.Well Being – When You Are Not Around (Zen Recordings)
15.Blame – Apocalypto-Blame (Blame Music Dub)
16.Blame – Stay Forever (Charge Dub)

Bungle – Tracklist

1. Electrosoul System – With You
2. Total Science feat. Laura – B.Questionz
3. Q Project – Tears (Marky & Bungle remix)
4. Child Support – Green Cross Code (Bungle remix)
5. Mistical – Mistical Dub
6. Bungle – Be Like This
7. Electrosoul System – Purple Sky
8. Marky & Bungle – Let Me Tell Ya
9. Marky & Makoto – Soul Forever
10.Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex remix)
11.A-Sides – White Riesling
12.Bungle – The Need Of Being Alone
13.Break – The Drone
14.Break – Evil Twin
15.Zero Tolerance – Reasonable Doubt
16.Random Movement – Sabina
17.Human Factor – Japan Delight
18.Bungle – Good Times

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