Calibre – Overflow

Calibre, I heart thee.

I got my Calibre Overflow album in the post a couple of days ago. I’m so stingy about buying records that I think I wanted to love more songs on it than I do. The songs I do like, I really really like, and I know I’d be mad if I didn’t own them but at the same time is it too much to ask that I love every song before I fork over my money? I guess it is, because it never happens. 😉

I think this is an age old argument with buying vinyl. It sucks to pay for a record when you only like one side but at the same time, the alternative is not owning the record at all. *shrugs*

I’m kind of obsessed with Chemical Records. Chicago has the worst post ever, no seriously they do, but somehow I still manage to get my records in like 4 days from the U.K, yet it takes a week to get an invitation that my friend sent me from down the street! Do they have some magic I’m unaware of? I am not complaining in the least. I love it!

Back to Calibre. I was quite a fan of Second Sun. Not so much with Shelflife, I only really liked one song on there. I think I long for the Armageddon days where I was completely overwhelmed at how I was gonna fit all fourteen tracks into my set without coming off as completely boring and a bit cuckoo at the same time.

The thing I love the most about Calibre is that his tracks always seem so effortless. I have no qualms about admitting that I’m the dorkiest of the dorks since I do believe that dnb is the soundtrack to my life. When I was in my late teens I was noisy and energetic and impulsive, so “angry white boy dnb” a la RAM and Renegade Hardware were my personal faves. Now at the ripe ‘ol age of 31, I am quite mellow and peaceful and prefer the liquid funk rollers and pretty vocals… enter Calibre. I’m an all round dnb fan at heart therefore I really do still like it all but I tend to listen more to liquid funk than all the other subgenres.

For some reason most Calibre tracks remind me of Summer. Overeaction makes me wanna lay around and drink colourful cocktails in the sun or drive around in my convertible, that I don’t own, blasting music. Savannah Heat makes me feel like I should be sailing on a yacht waiting to arrive at an island that I own… I don’t own an island. You get the picture. With Calibre it’s about the subtleties in the track that make them so lovely. Slums… man that track is sick. It kinda reminds me of Graphic’s I Am Metal on Offshore and I love DRS. I love those tracks where you can’t help but move. It’s like your body just has this involuntary reaction to the beats. I love how Alone In A Crowd rolls. It’s very much like Thoughtless. It’s definitely one of those tracks you can ride out in the mix quite easily. Suddenly, I could kinda do without. It’s a bit tame compared to the other tracks. Not bad by any means, just ok. Same thing goes for Into The Groove. I wouldn’t mind hearing it on someone else’s mix but I couldn’t see myself playing it. Leave Me, I like this one. I don’t have anything profound to say about it. I like the arrangement a lot. It leaves me with this strange sense of anticipation for some reason, so I guess if I was going to play it, I would have to drop a banger after it for sure. Lo Note, hmmm, meh. It’s a bit boring actually. It’s not dirty enough, it’s doesn’t roll enough, it’s not unique enough etc. I’m not that into it. Beat Goes On, exactly the opposite of Lo Note. I had heard this one a while ago and loved it. I like that it’s kind of grimy, without being too noisy. A lot of Calibre tracks are perfect for riding out your mix. This is another one that I would totally play til the end of the record. TV On, nice one. Very mesmerizing. I imagine having these late night dinner parties and having this song playing in the background. It’s funny how I imagine all these situations that never actually happen to me but whatever.

All in all I think it was $46 well spent. 🙂

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