Strange Days Kiki

The past two days have been really odd.  LOL.  The flat tire situation didn’t work out like I hoped and I ended up getting stranded at my brother’s house.  It finally got fixed last night so I guess I’ll be heading home from my south side getaway today and tend to getting a new tire.  Oh and it’ friday.  Geez, what an odd week.  I don’t have any plans for this weekend.  Like I said before I’m just on some countdown bizness til I leave for London on wednesday.  Woot. 😉

Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast December 2009


Mode – Riley (DUB)
Flaco – Set you off (Jaybee remix) (DUB)
Andy Sim – Meander (DUB)
Sinistarr – Fallbrook (DUB)
Clart and ATP feat Elijah John & dBAudio – So Close (DUB)
A-Sides – Follow the Groove (Eastside Records)
Flaco – Untouchables (DUB)
Mutt – Sarah’s Smile (DUB)
DJ Chap – Bohemia (DUB)
Redeyes – Oh Please (DUB)
Atom – The Ally (DUB)
Dave Owen – Yo Girl (DUB)
A-sides (Feat MC Fats) – Rebel Rouser (DUB)
Random Movement – Hopeless Romantic (DUB)
Derrick & Tonika – Monologue
ATP – Shibuya Nights (DUB)
Notion & Dave Owen – Woeful (DUB)
Eveson – Lazy Blue (DUB)
Mr Joseph – Insecure Girl (DUB)
Edward Oberon – Paradise (DUB)
Mr Explicit – Philadelphia Sunrise (DUB)
Paul SG – Touch (DUB)
Redeyes & Sinistarr – Solar 9 (DUB)
A-sides (Feat Break) – Definite (DUB)
Calibre – Light Years (Creative Source)
Spirit – Two Tone (DUB)
Data – Mask of Sanity (DUB)
Atlantic Connection – Jobos (DUB)
Notion – The Happening (DUB)
? – ? (Naughty DUB)
Serum & Bladerunner – Images (Critical)
Calibre – Crazy (Creative Source)

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