Flat Tire Kiki

I wish I meant Fat Tire like the beer but alas I don’t.  Last night I was driving to my brother’s and  got a flat tire.  Fortunately I was close to my bro’s so I just drove on it the remaining couple of blocks.  Me and my brother braved the cold to try and change it but for some reason the tire wouldn’t come off so I got stranded.  I spent the night here and have to wait for AAA to come fix it today and then deal with going to go get a new one cuz the current one is beyond being fixed.  Boo.

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #20


Mr Distance – Subliminal [Dub]
Spectrasoul – Dark Hour
Joe Syntax – Her Skin
Aliz Perez – I’M Free
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Martyn – Get Down
Icicle – Late Hours Vip
Lynx – Counterpoint
Survival – Betrayed
Sabre – Leaf
S.P.Y. – Asbo
Joe Syntax – Keep Doing It [Dub]
Amit & Klute – Kunt Kicker
Break – The Clamp
Amit & Outrage – Insane Bitch
Enei – Brick
Consequence – 11 Circles
Rockwell – Underpass
Noble, Nolehn & Phors – Piledriver [Dub]
Focus & Mixmaster Doc – Watercress Funk
Pessimist – Scorn [Dub]
Spectrasoul – The Tube
Big Bud – Rise & Beans (Dk Foyer & Jebar Remix)
Greg Packer & Big Bud – Ghetto Blues
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
Futurist – Simple Things Simple Life
Glen-E-Ston – One Life [Dub]
Pessimist – Monday Nights [Hustle Audio Dub]
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
Digital & Lutin – Remote Da Force
Eveson – Spirit Song (Silent Witness Remix)

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