London Kiki

I should have just gone to London the second I came back from my Christmas holiday.  This week seems a little pointless.  I can’t really do anything productive on the work front as I’m leaving next week so instead I’m back to sitting in my flat waiting to leave.  Hmmm.  Complain much?  LOL.  I’m prolly just crabby cuz it’s cold outside and I don’t have anything to do but be stuck indoors.  I’m trying to bring back my positive outlook for 2010 so I have decided to only be grumpy while I write this post and then snap out of it. 😉

Eclipse – Now Ur Gone (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
LeviticusBurialPhilly Blunt 1994
This track is sick.  Classic.

Knowledge Mag is bringing the mixes lately.  I’m looking forward to listening to this one. 🙂
June MillerKmag  Mix


Data – The Fall of Phaeton (forthcoming Broken Path)
Irrelevant – Grains (Myrkur RMX)
Juswan – Azure (Forthcoming Red001)
Jack Sparrow – The Chase (Tectonic)
June Miller – Shizgara (Forthcoming 54 dub)
June Miller – Humidity (Forthcoming Tube10)
June Miller – Brussel North (Forthcoming 54 dub)
Mike Sheridan – Dine Grønne Øjne (Playground Music Scandinavia)
Scuba – Symbiosis (Hotflush)
Triad – Distraction (forthcoming Deep Soul Music)
Circa – Zone
Cern – Human Being
Sabre & Ulterior Motive – Barefoot (Forthcoming Subtitles)
June Miller – Untitled
Spectrasoul – Wedgehead (Critical)
June Miller – Untitled
Zero-T & Ulterior Motive – Breach (Forthcoming Subtitles)
Anile – The Tribe (Forthcoming Deep Soul Music)
Alix Perez ft. Zero-T – Suffer in Silence (Shogun Audio)
Stray – Talking About Nothing (Forthcoming Med School)
June Miller – Half Top Feelings (Forthcoming Horizons)


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