Liquid Kiki

I had such a good evening yesterday.  I just mixed records in my living room and hung out with my roommate.  Still love all my vinyl so much.  

Threw on a mix when it was time to get some work done.  Really love this month’s Bankbeats.  Sooooo many good tunes.


Halogenix – Don’t You Know
Flowrian & Simstah – Gargamelle 
Euphorics & Phase 2 – Neon Sunset
Calibre – Butter Love
Break – Sunset Dub
DRS, GLXY – Rain Dance 
Calibre – Taciturn
Peyo – Routine
ALB, Phaction – Apart of You
Alibi – Scuffed
Lynx – Whistlestop 
Breakage – Ric Flair Strut
Alibi – Debris
Calibre – Venus & Mars 
Calibre – Proof Positive
Monty – Spatia
Monty & Alix Perez – Vergo
DLR – Dafunk
Liquitek, Electrosoul System – Whatever Makes You Tribal
Alix Perez – Numbers
Will Miles – Want Not
Dreazz, Mackadena, Emery – Too Fly
System & Wise – Snowfall
Flowrian & Simstah – You Knew
Hybrid Minds – Lost (Pola & Bryson Rmx)
St. Files, Marcus Intalex – Nightfall
Loz Contreras, Macca – Against the Wall (FD Rmx)
Halogenix – The Night
SpectraSoul – Move On
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y. Rmx)
Technimatic – Bristol (Break Rmx)
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me 
Random Movement – Sabina 
Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me
Random Movement, Jaybee – Good Enough
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners
InnaSelf – Emotions in Reverse
Commix – Emiley’s Smile
Command Strange – In Love
Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece
Calibre – Kiya
Calibre, Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
dBdrige, Calibre – Ponderosa
Zero T – Little Pieces
Bootleg – Modern Soul
Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero T Rmx)



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