Kiki Will Do it Later

My character flaw is procrastination. It’s so annoying to be aware of it and still not manage to correct it. I’m writing tests that I should have written over the weekend. Now I’m up way too early trying to sort it cuz I’m behind. smh

Fortunately there’s a new Bank mix to zone out to. 🥰

Bank · Bankbeats July ’20


Bank & Cnof – Solstice (forthcoming!)
Bungle – Bad Math
Alix Perez – Concrete
Arcatype – Mind Loop
Sabre, Stray, Halogenix, Frank Carter III – Oblique
Marcus Visionary – Real Warrior (L-Side Rmx)
Shy FX, Gappy Ranks – Warning (Bou Rmx)
MC Spyda, Origin One, K.O.G. – Tribute (Zero T Rmx)
Unknown Artist – Lovely (Bootleg)
Askel, Elere, D.E.J.A – Losing Game
Sequent, Skruff, – Ethereal
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #2
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #1
Machine Drum – Braided Leaves
Alix Perez – Black Spirit
Bank – Breathless (forthcoming!)
Dava – Lazy Days
Visages – Memories

Zero T – Jazz Tone
DuoScience – Moments 😍😍😍 oldie but goodie
Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Rmx)
Maduk – Love Like This feat. Champion
Joshua, Geety – Sun Shining
DuoScience – Black Jack
Monologue – WahWah
Deft – New York’s Finest VIP
Technimatic- Mirror Image (Phaction Rmx)
Facing Jinx, Wreckless, Alexsia Louca – Here With You
Wreckless, Conscience – Don’t Care
DuoScience – Sunday
Motiv – Glass Heart
Illmatika, Mr. Joseph – Already Know You
Askel, Elere, Crystal Alice – Honestly
Askel – Portmanteau
Arcatype – Canopy
Riya, Hugh Hardie, Phaction – Obsession
Sevin – Swings & Roundabouts
DuoScience – Sun Morning
Low:r – Hook A Duck
Facing Jinx, Tom James – Remember To Breathe
Bungle – Moving Pages
FD – Dedication
Carter – Closer Look
Askel, Elere – Distance VIP
Nelver, Aperio – Constellations
Squent, Skruff – Should I
Henry – Paradigm
Henry – The Future is Broken
Henry – Frozen
Arcatype – You Know
Arcatype – Interval Dub
Calibre – Second Sun
Breakage – Settle
Random Movement – Her Song
Brother – Grace
Kredit – Future Funk
Bcee, S.P.Y. – Is Anybody Out There?
Makoto, Hugh Hardie – Bluebird



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