Weekend World

I’ve had a pretty quiet week. Maybe my weekend will be more interesting. My friend Mike got me a gift certificate to the record store for xmas so I’m gonna go buy some new ish tomorrow. 🙂

NotionLies Make Love Stronger

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc On Fire Tonight (Remix) Ganja Records 1996
I don’t know what my raving years would have been like without the likes of Dj Zinc. Anthem after anthem. So awesome.

SubmorphicsAll Westbay Recordings Mix


  1. Atlantic Connection feat. Minds One & DJ Noumenon- Can’t Destroy Love
  2. Atlantic Connection feat. Lynx- Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix)
  3. Zero Tolerance & Mentality- No Words
  4. Submorphics- Chicago Blues
  5. Atlantic Connection- Soul Musiq (Gremlinz Remix)
  6. Atlantic Connection & Makoto- Grapevines
  7. Atlantic Connection- Hangin’ On
  8. Atlantic Connection feat. Kemst- Subculture
  9. Loxy & Matt U- Jumanji
  10. Atlantic Connection feat. Deviant- What’Chu Know
  11. Concept & Shnek feat DJ Crum- Bedford Ave.
  12. Atlantic Connection- Rocksteady
  13. Submorphics- 1980
  14. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance- Strike Back
  15. Jo-S & Kubatko- Define
  16. Spectrasoul- Someday Soon
  17. Submorphics- Philly Dub
  18. Mikal & Jnr Blue- Cold World
  19. Random Movement- Believe no Other
  20. Spectrasoul- Blood Rain

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