IRA Kiki

Today I did grown ups stuffs.  I know I’m 34 but it’s so rare that my adult life actually consists of things that I didn’t do when I was 26 or whatever.  I had to go to the bank to handle rolling over a 401K that I had from Adidas.  Blah blah blah.  I was amazed about how little I knew and how little desire I had to know.  LOL.  Oh well it’s done.  Moving on.


Today’s Oldie:
Dom & KeatonTwisted CityMoving Shadow 2002
I caned this one to death when it came out.  Love it. 🙂

Random MovementPodcast 15


Mutt & Calculon – Easy on the Motion feat. Kevin King
Lenzman – Lose You VIP feat. Cliff
Submorphics – Belgrade Nights
Subz & Matik – Could We Be Wrong (remix)
SoulTec & MSdos – Herbie’s Groove
Lenzman – Bittersweet Part 2 feat. Riya
Submorphics – Revelation
Big Bud – Feeling Inside
Amaning & Stunna – Landslide (Blame remix)
Sinistarr – Chop Down
Telmo – Between Two Worlds (Phil Tangent remix)
Calculon & Flaco – All The Time
Undersound & Andy Sim – So Hush
Lenzman – Take It Back
Komatic – Make The Most of It (Technicolour remix)
BCee – Switchfoot
Andy Sim & Undersound – Sequence of Events
Brother & Squash – Warp Dub
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Talkin’ About Love
The XX – Infinity (Bachelors of Science remix)


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