Meteorologist Kiki

What a rubbish day it is outside.  Just once it would be nice to live in a place where the weather was consistent.  It’s hard to motivate yourself to leave your house when it’s murky, grey and spitting rain.

Notion & SubmorphicsPut It Down (track is in Notion player)
I’ve been loving this one for ages.  I’m glad there’s finally a sample to share.

Today’s Oldie:
Technical ItchThe RukusPenetration 2002

Gerard & Mutated FormsKiss 101 Drive By 07/06/09


S.P.Y. ‘Inner Soul’ (Innerground)
Atlantic Connection and Lynx ‘Danger Zone’ Submorphics.Remix (Westbay)
Marky & Random Movement ‘Gabriel’s Theme’ (Innerground)
Shapeshifter ‘Long White Cloud NU:Tone Remix (Brand:Nu)
Bassface Sascha ‘Devil’s Pie’ (White)
Jakes featuring TC ‘Swerve’ Marky & S.P.Y Remix (D Style)
Wiley Vs Utah Jazz ‘Rolex (The D&B Refix)’ (White)

[Mutated Forms In The Mix]

Command Strange – Vanila Dream
Calibre – In Denial
Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup
Die and Break – Get Some
Nero – Act Like U Know
Johny L – Piper
Serum & D-Sub – Warriors
Instra:mental – No Future
Majistrate & Nicol – Piranha
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
Serum & Bladerunner – Snake Fist
Lomax – Faith Massive
Mutated Forms – Thru The Centuries
D Bridge – On Ur Mind
Mutated Forms – Barriers
D Bridge – Wonder Where
Madd & Chris.Su – Repercussion
Mutated Forms – Jazz About U Instrumental Version
Kubiks & Recriminate – Opal Sky’s
Rawtee – Inmate 305
Nik Itch – No Doubt
Cubist – Come Closer
Netsky – Untitled
Calibre – All The While
Danny Breaks – Volume 1 Logistics Remix
Mutated Forms – Glory Days Netsky Remix
[end of guest mix]

Friction & K-Tee ‘The Bleeps’ (Shogun)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘In The Music’ (Technique)
Prestige ‘Wasted’ (Stereotype)
Sub Focus ‘Follow The Light’ (Ram)
D Kay & Rawfull ‘Sequential Circuit’ (Brigand)
Sabre ‘Original Sin feat Tuere’ (Critical)

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