Office Kiki

Man, when you sit at the computer for 8 hours a day you really do lead a completely different life.  I’m finding it quite odd adjusting to these new activities that seem to have made their way into my daily schedule.  I had become quite adjusted to  immersing myself in the internet realm.  Am I anxious to get back to it?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.

I think it is harder for me to be all up in the dnb biz as I’m not endlessly searching for mixes and new artists.  Today is the first day I have downloaded new mixes in like 5 days which is a far cry from the 4 to 5 a day I was downloading and listening to while at work.

I’m discussing this as if it’s something of great importance.  LOL.  I was just thinking about it while I was adding some new mixes to my ipod and decided to share my thoughts.  Obviously this is just babble and of no use to anyone but at least I’ve gotten the thought out of my brain. 😉

Luca – Break and Enter (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblock (Matrix Remix) – Renegade Hardware 2000

Cloak & DaggerOffshore Podcast 4

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