Early Morning Brockout

It’s 4:32 am.  If you know me pretty well, you know I am a terrible sleeper.   There’s no use griping about it so I’lI have a solo brock out instead.

This morning I woke up with this intro looping in my head and I must say, in my world, this probably means I’m going to have an awesome day. 😛


The Girl Who Avoided The Snow Storm

That was Lake Shore Drive.  Eek.

Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  The snow storm was quite strange.  All that snow was crazy!  I was ridiculously fortunate though.  The wind was so intense it was blowing into these huge drift piles.  I went to go brave the snow and dig my car out the next day and there wasn’t a drop of snow on my car.  LOL.  Seriously.  Spotless.  It had blown on to the other side of the street and the cars on the other side of the street were fucked.  Someone was on my side that day I guess.

I’ve been holed up at my place studying and working but I did make time to watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and was instantly hooked.  I watched  Stieg Larsson’s whole trilogy this weekend.  Noomi Rapace is fierce as Lisbeth Salander.  I hope the American version doesn’t suck.  Watch it if you have time.  Violent and a very graphic at times but still worth watching.  5 stars. 😉

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bassdrive at the gym these days.  I love that there is a radio station where I can just tune in and get my fix whenever I can’t find any mixes to download. ❤

Today’s Oldie:
Stakka & Skynet feat. Konflict Bios-FearUnderfire 2001
Sick tune!  Love this one.

Stunna – Guest Mix For Tongue Flap Records Podcast 23
I know I’m late on posting this but here’s another chance to grab it if you haven’t already.  ❤ Stunna.



Humdrum Kiki

The restlessness is starting to settle in again.  I just need it to be nice outside so that I can be excited about leaving my house to go do things. 🙂

Switch – Vibes From The Tribes (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictBad AcidRenegade Hardware 2000
I just did a RH mix the other day so right now I’m all about old skool RH artists. 🙂

Random MovementPodcast 6


Nu:Tone – The First Time
Marky & S.P.Y feat. Miri – Dayz Go Slow (Makoto Remix)
Random Movement – Misery
Will Miles – Milers
Vice Versa – Spacebridge
A.I. & D Bridge – Untitled?
Bal – Blues For Tom
Total Science, S.P.Y & Lenzman – Narrow Margin
Need For Mirrors – Wasted Youth
Calibre – Reverse Engineering
Paul SG ft. Blade – Miss Patterson
Calibre – Rose
Lenzman feat. Jo-S – Fade Away
ATP – Smooth Fella
Eveson – The Alchemist
Lenzman – Flamethrower
Serum – Souped Up
A-Sides & Makoto – Hot Rock
Blue Sonix – Luv Me (Logistics VIP)
Andy Sim – Palm Trees (Brother Remix)

Snowfall Kiki

We got a ton of snow and now it’s all ugly outside.  Boo.

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictCyanideRenegade Hardware 1999
Awesome.  I did a Renegade Hardware mix yesterday and remembered how much I loved this tune.  ❤

Everyday Junglist is the one that turned me on to this dude.  He has awesome mixes.  I’m looking forward to listening to this one.
Sir RealA Liquid Decade Part 2


Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze
Calibre – Rejack
Die – Autumn (Commix Remix)
Commix feat Steve Spacek – How you gonna feel
Alix Perez – Crown City
MIST – Red Light
ShyFX – Lovers Rock
Nu:Tone feat Talc – Jet stream
Roni Size – Want your body (Calibre Remix)
D-Bridge – China Blue
High Contrast – Music is everything (Influx UK Remix)
Alix Perez – Contradictions
MIST – Mistical Dub
Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
XRS- Secrets of the floating island
Calibre feat MC Fats – Drop it down
Artificial Intelligence – Desperado
Makoto feat MC Conrad – Golden Girl
Calibre – Hold Back (Jah)
D-Kay – It’s on the way
Matrix vs Goldtrix – It’s love (Trippin)
Influx UK – Back for more
Calibre – It’s…
Commix – Roots train
Mutt feat Kevin King – Conversations
Random Movement – Stars in the dark
Artificial Intelligence – Ever on
Influx Uk – Alright
Alix Perez – Melaine
D-Bridge and Calibre – Ponderosa
Artificial Intelligence feat Jenna G – Rising

Office Kiki

Man, when you sit at the computer for 8 hours a day you really do lead a completely different life.  I’m finding it quite odd adjusting to these new activities that seem to have made their way into my daily schedule.  I had become quite adjusted to  immersing myself in the internet realm.  Am I anxious to get back to it?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.

I think it is harder for me to be all up in the dnb biz as I’m not endlessly searching for mixes and new artists.  Today is the first day I have downloaded new mixes in like 5 days which is a far cry from the 4 to 5 a day I was downloading and listening to while at work.

I’m discussing this as if it’s something of great importance.  LOL.  I was just thinking about it while I was adding some new mixes to my ipod and decided to share my thoughts.  Obviously this is just babble and of no use to anyone but at least I’ve gotten the thought out of my brain. 😉

Luca – Break and Enter (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblock (Matrix Remix) – Renegade Hardware 2000

Cloak & DaggerOffshore Podcast 4

Melancholy Kiki

There’s always that strange sense of longing after you come back from a trip.  No matter how little the trip is.  Once you have to get back to your regular life it just doesn’t seem as exciting.  I’m gonna have to come up with some interesting things to stop my week from being so bloody boring.

Electrosoul SystemWhale Dance
This one is a bit odd but I’m  a big ESS fan so I reckon I’ll probably like anything he puts out.

Sabre – Global (track is in player)
I like Sabre’s grittiness.

Hobzee & Zyon BaseSad Song (track is in Hobzee player)
Love this one.  So pretty and chill.

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblockRenegade Hardware 1999

There seems to be a mix drought.  I’m not finding them as easily as I usually do.  I commend my buddy Doddi cuz he always seems to find a bunch of mixes that I have never even seen.  I found this one and listened to it and it’ll do for today.

NeroElements of Bass 04/04/09


London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose – Hospital
London Elektricity – Rond The Corner (Origin Unknown Rmx) – Hospital
Zero Tolerance + Survival – Cold Blood – Revolution
Digital – Street Biz (Drum Cypha Rmx) – Function
Biz Markie – Let Me See U Bounce (Beat Box Mix) – Tommy Boy
Drumsound + Bassline Smith – Harder – Technique
Lomax + Kasra – Warrior – Critical
Pendulum – Vault – 31 Recs
Blame – Hindsight – Hospital
Commix – Rack it – Hospital
Chris Inperspective – Herb Minus – Nu Directions
Raw Q – Vital Soul – Bingo
Jazz Thieves – We Keep The Funk – Pushin Wax
CLS – Tell Me What You Want – Med School
Nympho – Common Gateway – Inneractive
Soul Intent – Cold Blooded – Samurai Music
Logistics – Wide Lens – Hospital
Serum – War Cry – Timeless
Stranjah – 20/46 – DNBArena
Xample ft. Lomax – Contra – RAM
Fresh + Pendulum = Kingston Vampires – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Echoes – Subtitles
Digital – B.U.R.N.Y. – Violence
Specific – Tell Me (Zero T Rmx) – Phunkfiction
SKC – Offguard Rmx – Commercial Suicide
Lynx – The Fonz – Bingo
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Hospital
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Just A Moment – Crunch
Audio Unit – Running – Vandal
Gridlok – Labrat – Project 51
Naibu – AKI – Breakin
Martsman – Vontamin – Trust In Music
Break – The Drone – Symmetry
The Insiders – Stepdub – Intrigue
Craggz, Parallel Forces + Mosus – Boogie Down – Product
Mathematics + Spinline – Tempest – Hard:Edged
Saburuko + Brother – In Control – Horizons Music
SKC – Do That Thing – Social Studies
High Contrast – Basement Track – Hospital
High Contrast – Racing Green – Hospital
Cubist – Live + Let Die – Blueprint
Calibre + Singing Fats – Drop It Down – Signature


Eek. I think I’m getting sick. Scratchy throat etc. Boo.

Telmo A feat. Double J – Novum (track is in player)

SwitchDays Of The Week (track is in Rubik Records player)

Today’s Oldie:
Kemal & Rob DataKonspiracyIndustry Recordings 2001
I was a huge Konflict fan. This track is no exception. Dope.

Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast #3 March ’09


01. Simplification – Humanity (DUB)
02. Instra:Metal & D-Bridge – Translucent (DUB)
03. Jynx – Skeleton Man (DUB)
04. Lenzman – Afraid of Jazz (Remix)
05. Seba – Snow (DUB)
06. Mix Master Doc & Random Movement – Follow my own path, dig my own grave (DUB)
07. Bal – Out There (Influence Records DUB)
08. K-Dan – This is Drum & Bass (DUB)
09. Beta 2 – Close Call (DUB)
10. Delta & Format – Guiding Star (Influence Records DUB)
11. Derrick & Tonika – Crème Brule (DUB)
12. Henree – Spell Bound (DUB)
13. ? – ? (DUB)
14. Eveson – Lost Isles (DUB)
15. Kjell – Black Lodge (DUB)
16. Mutt – Pin Drop (DUB)
17. Oak – Mongoose (DUB)
18. Subterra & Dekko – Torrent (DUB)
19. Squash – Crawlers (DUB)
20. Furney – Hurachies (DUB)
21. Atom – Jazz Fudge (DUB)
22. Jaybee – Cold Day (Influence Records DUB)
23. Spirit – Eastern Promise (DUB)
24. Survival & Sabre – Omega King (DUB)
25. Dan Marshall – Zulu (DUB)
26. Data – The Brink (Influence Records DUB)
27. Bladerunner – Changes (DUB)
28. DJ Madd – My Rocky Mountains (DUB)
29. Blocks & Escher – Shadow Casting (DUB)
30. Chris Inperspetive & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash (DUB)
31. Eveson – Dead Man’s Chest (DUB)
32. A-Sides Feat. MC Fats – What You Don’t Know (Eastside)


I’m sleepy.

Implex – Iceberg (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictThe BeckoningRenegade Hardware 1999
Hands down one of my faves of theirs. Dope.

SloWinter Dynamics


01. Atlantic Connection – Wonderful Life
02. Brookes Brothers feat Furlonge – Drifter
03. London Elektricity – Uska
04. Electrosoul System – Galaxy (Future Engineers Re-Set)
05. P.B.K. – The Ten Commandments
06. Urban Notion – Modaji
07. Blue Sonix – Luv Me (Logistics Remix)
08. Simplification – These Days
09. Sardi – Perennial Dreams
10. Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ (Atlantic Connection Remix)
11. Koochie – Fly Away
12. Intelligent Manners – Do It Now
13. Aural Imbalance – Insertion Point (Modemellow Remix)
14. Visionary feat D.Squade & R’N’R – Run For Your Life (VIP Remix)
15. LAOS – Wish Upon
16. Tyler Straub – Easy Does It