I’m Awake! I’m Awake!

I’ve had the worst insomnia lately, and it’s been really hard to get a move on in the mornings.  I trudge around my apartment as slowly as possible, and just groan and groan and groan.

This morning I really wasn’t feeling it and my iPhone knew it.  (You know Apple knows everything).  I hopped in the shower and pressed play on my speaker (one of my fave Xmas gifts ever) and this came blasting out.  I just laughed and lamented out loud “I’m awake!  I’m awake!”

The version that played off iTunes is from some compilation, so the tune just started right after the breakdown.  Oh it was so damn loud.

I have a pretty wonderful memory about this record.  It definitely wasn’t wonderful at the time, but now I think about it, it reminds me of some really fun times during my raving years.

I was a hardcore Bad Company Stan.  Who wasn’t?  I remember taking the bus to go pick up my copy of Planet Dust at the record store.  I couldn’t wait because I of course had been waiting FOR-EVA for it to come out.  I went there, picked it up, left immediately and was so excited to go home and mix it.  I then proceeded to get off the bus and leave my damn record on it.  I called the bus company (yes I did)  and they said I should call at the end of that driver’s shift, 8 hours later, and I could see if the record was still on there.  Um nope.

Being the most dramatic person I could be, was definitely my speciality in 2001.  I went into my apartment, sulked for like 10 minutes, left the house and got on the bus again and returned to the record store to get another copy.  I held on to this one for dear life.  I’d be damned if EVERYONE was going to be playing it that weekend without me.  LOL

I’m still dramatic af now, but dang, I really was killin’ it in ’01. 😛



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