Where Oh Where Has My Record Gone?

I have a lot of dnb records.  I’ve been buying them since 1994.  Needless to say sometimes if I can’t find a record it just stays missing for a long period of time.  LOL.  It’s even worse now because I don’t have my whole collection at my apartment, some is at my mum’s etc.  Everything from about 1999 onwards is pretty much at my place though.

I remember a couple of years ago I lost my MartynNxt 2 U.  I went through all my records and it was just missing.  When I used to play out a lot, I could at least entertain the notion that I might have lost it at a gig but I don’t really play out anymore so if I lose a record it HAS to be in my place!!  I remember Stunna helped me look and we just didn’t see it.  All the other Martyn records were there but no Nxt 2 U.  I found it a year later.  Just sitting on the shelf, peacefully, untouched and dust bunnied.

Why am I telling you this story?  Today’s oldie is a Bad Company record that I’ve been thinking about buying again because I was convinced it was lost.  It was one of my favourites on this one Virus double pack.  I seriously have been looking for that record since I moved to Chicago back in ’02.  I was convinced that I had lost it in the move from Minneapolis.  When I was at Gramaphone on Saturday I saw a used copy and almost bought it but decided I’d have one more look through my shit.  I went to go mix at Reisha’s yesterday and went through all my Virus stuff and the record was just there, just hanging out.  Where do they hide??? 🙂

Scenic & Advisory – Science Friction (track is in player)

Soulmatic – Self Belief (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanySkin TagVirus Recordings 1999
Picking Bad Company on the regular for my oldies has rehashed my love for them.

AtomSonorous Mix Jan 2009

01. Atom – Robot Fight [INFLUENCE]
02. HLZ – Rarefied [SONOROUS]
03. Gunston – Sorrens Code [N/A]
04. Data – Reconnaissance [METALHEADZ]
05. Atom – Hidden Camera [SONOROUS]
06. S13 – Seppuku [N/A]
07. Atom – Breath In [N/A]
08. Naibu – Here Now [INFLUENCE]
09. Atom – Night Flight [SONOROUS]
10. Furney – Forwardbound [CAMINO BLUE]
11. Mixmaster Doc – Release [N/A]
12. Soul Intent – Studio Pressure [N/A]
13. Icicle – Hang On [SHOGUN AUDIO]
14. Lomax – Too Real [SOUL:R]
15. Bungle – Unknown [SONOROUS]
16. Bal – Red River Valley [N/A]
17. Sinistarr – Pole Position [SONOROUS]
18. Electrosoul System & Sunchase – Alluvion [CAMINO BLUE]


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