Longevity Kiki

I’m always fascinated by the staying power of some tracks. I’m currently listening to Wormhole and it’s still soooooo good. Slip Thru just came on. 22 years later and I can’t believe how much this track still slaps. 🥰

I’m writing a test and just vibin’. I really just want to go to a dnb show and dance.


I have eaten a lot of sardines this year.  I live next to Kujukuri, which is famous for its sardines, and have eaten them fresh many times. おいしいですね。

The only reason I’m talking about sardines is because I’m currently listening to the Ed Rush & Optical track.

I only teach one lesson on Wednesdays, so I spend the rest of the day lesson planning.  Currently got a pretty awesome Ed Rush & Optical soundtrack going. ❤


Bacteria = forever winning — Biggin’ up the chair dancin’ massive


Matrix Appreciation

There’s like 15 tracks that I listen to on the regular that are old as hell.

I ran to some Matrix jams this morning and I still vibe off how ridiculously good they are.

One could say I’m stuck in the olden days and I’m totally OK with that.  I just have so many awesome memories of raving back then, so I cherish all those tracks from that time period.

I still listen to new stuff but that’s while I’m grading, lesson planning, and being a boring old lady, not hugging the speakers. 😉


This one’s not to shabby either. 🙂

Back In The World of Internets

I just got internet at my apartment this weekend.  I have it at school but dang, a month without internet in your home is rough yo. 



That was me every night.

Anyways, school officially starts tomorrow.  Gotta get introduced to the school as the new ALT and all that jazz.  In the meantime I’m not actually listening to anything new, just cleaning, making worksheets and listening to old faves.  It’s not hard to be productive when you’ve got Matrix playing in the background. 🙂


Student Life

I didn’t disappear.  I’ve been tucked away studying Japanese.  I’ve actually been quite disciplined.  I wake up, work out and then put myself in school for about 5 hours.  I was never a good student and still am not, but one thing I definitely know is the benefit of understanding the structure of the language of the students I’m teaching.  It helps immensely in the classroom because you can predict their errors, so I’m grinning and bearing it.

Summer is coming along nicely, it’s going by so fast though!  3 more weeks and then I’m off to Japan.  I’m beside myself trying to figure out how one packs to go away for one year.  I feel like I had become quite good at the short stays.  6 months is nothing.  You know you’ll be back soon enough so you just make sure you have enough clothes and little trinkets that will help you create a home away from home.  1 year though, you try and make sure you bring your home with you.  They recommend that I don’t bring too much stuff with me and buy stuff there and then get my family to ship stuff to me…   um that won’t work for me.  I’m not rich.  It’s so expensive to ship stuff to other countries.  I sent a small box of clothes to my cousin in London which had like 5 things I got for her kiddos at Target and it cost $50.  I’d rather pay for the extra suitcase now instead.

Anyways, enough whinging.  I was just letting you know what I’ve been up to.  I haven’t really been finding any mixes that I felt like I would die if I didn’t share with you, hence the lack of posts.  I’ve just been listening to old stuff.  I love the feeling of reintroducing old tunes to the rotation.  So many fond memories.

I’m going to Chicago today to visit the homies.  Came across this Soultec mix.  I haven’t listened to it yet but the tracklist looks decent and I usually like Soultec mixes so hopefully this adds some joy to my roadtrip. 🙂

Soultec – Sheer Velocity Recordings Mix Vol. 4


Bank – An Empty Dream – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Just Cant Take feat. Drs – Metal Headz
Alix Perez – Crooklyn – Soul:r
Glen E Ston & Flaco – Journey – Dub
Subsid – Single Hand – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Through My Eyes – Metal Headz
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go – Celsius
Broken Drum – Smile (Random Movement Remix_ – SVR Dub
Calibre – Chances – SIgnature
Strengthen Your Mind (Level 2 D&B Remix) -Free
Spective – Warmth of Sunshine – Soul Deep Dub
LSB – Leave – soul:r
Atlantic Connection & Redeyes – Can’t Hide – Westbay International
Soul Intent – Far Out Funk – Dub
MJT – Fuego – SVr Dub
Jaybee – Mixed Company – SVr Dub

Hooray Kiki

Yay!  I have successfully completed my first semester of grad school.  Now I have 2 weeks off before summer session starts and I plan on thoroughly enjoying those two weeks, starting tonight.


If you’re in Chi come on out.  I’m mixing from 11 to 12.  Should be good times people, so don’t miss it.


Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalThe Medicine (Matrix Remix) – Virus Recordings 1999

MethodusStepping Forward Podcast #2


. Mikal – Take You Away – Stepping Forward Dub
. DJ Linky – Brady Bunch – Luv Disaster
. ATP & Forge – Let You Go – Dub
. Lynx ft. Delhia – Everyday – Detail Recordings Dub
. Sevin – Lost In Translation – Stepping Forward Dub
. J Dilla – King (Sinistarr DnB Bootleg) – Dub
. Severity Zero – Second Thoughts – Stepping Forward Dub
. Mikal – Experience – Stepping Forward Dub
. Jaybee & Grimm – Only You – Dub
. Marcus Intalex ft. Calibre – Meltdown – Soul:R
. SoulTec – Waterlilies – Steppin Forward Dub
. Muwookie ft. James Hooke – Breath – Stepping Forward
. Random Movement – Risk – Rubik Records
. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I (Heavy1 Remix) – Rubik Records
. Sinistarr – Aquamech (Calculon Remix) – Dub
. Clinikal – Queen Bee – Steppin Forward Dub
. Godfather Sage ft. Blak – The Vanishing – ?? – Stepping Forward Dub
. Marcus Intalex ft. Riya – Regrets – Soul:R
. Mad Rabbit – Cafe 420 – Stepping Forward

Spring Break Kiki

So much for Spring Break. I have a ton of work to do. 😦

Wish I was going to Miami with my dnb peeps and enjoying some sun and good music.  Have fun without me!!

Lots of good stuff out still.  I keep listening to all these mixes while I study and am geeked about all the good tunes.

Blue Motion & Grimm feat. Remo – Walking Away

EBK, Octane & DLR feat. Gusto – Mainframe

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalFixationVirus Recordings 1998
I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this one.  It’s one of my faves from the Wormhole album.  (That’s not really saying much cuz I pretty much love every track on that album. )  I just got reminded of it listening to that Renegade Hardware History Session mix.

FabioRadio 1 D&B Show 03/21/11


Icicle featuring SP:MC – Dreadnaught [Shogun Records]
DJ Die & Interface – Slow Down [Symmetry]
Flaco – Isla Verde [White]
Fresh – Arkanoid [RAM Records]
Amaning – Waters of Mars


Calibre – Untitled

Logistics – Together (VIP mix) [Hospital Records]
Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Day [Liqweed]
Dub Physics – Oi Mate Your Glasses Have No Lenses In


Pendulum – Plastic Worlds [Breakbeat Kaos]
Ozone – Unknown
A-Sides – Ain’t Nobody
Skeptical – Euphoria [Vampire Records]


Usual Suspects – Killer Bees


Loadstar – Hit The Ground [RAM]

Loadstar – Space Between [RAM]
Dramatic & DBAudio – I’m For Real [Liquid V]


Original Sin – Original Badboy
Subzero – Poon [Ganja Recordings]

SpectraSoul – Reminisce [Shogun]
Shookz & Devise – Independent Light

Christmas Shopping Kiki

I’m going to attempt to finish my Christmas Shopping today.  Woot.

Camo & KrookedNo Soul

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalDozerVirus Recordings 1998

Soul IntentFuture Proof Podcast #5


01. Mindscape – Reefer (Vampire dub)
02. Digital & Outrage – K Zero 9 (Backlash)
03. Grafix – Burning Flesh (n/a)
04. Insight – What Do I Care (n/a)
05. Edward Oberon – The Reckoning (Influence dub)
06. Soul Intent – Cowboy Town (Cylon dub)
07. Skitty – Y (n/a)
08. Nether – Beating Me (31 dub)
09. Atom – The Plot (n/a)
10. Soul Intent – Let Go (Ingredients dub)
11. Survival – Body Snatcher (n/a)
12. Zero T & FD – After All (n/a)
13. Skeptical – Euphoria (n/a)
14. Dillinja – Silverblade (Skitty relick) (n/a)
15. Morphy – Disco (Nerve??)
16. NC-17 & Bladerunner – Dead Pit (n/a)
17. Trisector – Wiretrapped (Vampire dub)
18. Jubei & SPY – Project 1 (Nothing Venture, Nothing again EP – Headz dub)
19. Tokoyo Prose – All You Want (Samurai Music dub)
20. Eveson – The Alchemist (N/a)
21. Paradox – Planet 3 (Good Looking 30)
22. Derrik & Tonika – Lunapack (Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)
23. Requiem – Synaethesis (Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)
24. Soul Intent – Igloo ((Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)

Graffiti Kiki

Man.  My weekend was ridiculously graffiti filled.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Lots of hanging out and just kicking it with my friends.  The Ironlak US team was here to do a legal wall and it came out pretty amazing.  George is part of the team and Jeremy works for Ironlak so I was definitely Ironlak til I die this weekend.  LOL.  I won’t post pics, I’ll just wait til they are done with the video and post it then cuz it’ll be way cooler than my rinky dink photos.  Fun times with my friends for sure.  That’s all I usually ask for. 😉

The Square feat. Glen E StonGood Enough Remix (track is in The Square player)

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalSick NoteVirus Recordings 1999
Ed Rush & Optical are always my goto dudes when I can’t think of an oldie.  All their old tracks are ridiculous awesome, what else can I say? 🙂

Paul ResetSeptember 2009 Mix


“Floating Tribe’ – DBR UK & Marginal (dub)
“Ringtone” – Calibre (Red Seal)
“Barn (Break rmx)” – Sato (Ingredients)
“1998″ – Kantyze (Influenza LTD dub)
“Sabotage” – Linden (Broken Audio)
“I Was 10″ – Spectrasoul (SGN:LTD)
“Alien Wings” – Zardonic & Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat (dub)
“Blackout” – Megadrummer (dub)
“Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical rmx)” – Sigma (Viper)
“Jump Around” – Temper D (dub)
“Optimus Prime” – Chook (Full Force dub)
“The Void” – Gridlok (P51 dub)
“Treacherous Woman” – Genr8 (NVision dub)
“Eastern Promise” – Skynet (Corinthian)
“Aura” – Linden (dub)
“Planet Fall” – Audio (Virus)
“Contact (Noisia rmx)” – Foreign Beggars (Dented)
“Into Illusion” – Counterstrike & Katharsys (Algorythm dub)
“The Sickness” – Amit & Outrage (Commercial Suicide)
“Tell No Tales” – Morphy (dub)

Unexcited Kiki

After such a fun weekend this week seems kinda boring which is really lame cuz it’s only tuesday.  Boo.  Sorry that I have nothing exciting to talk about. 😦

Well Being – Storms By Streetlight (track is in player)

Marcus Intalex – Airbourne (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalSlip ThruVirus Recordings 1998
I can just pick oldies from this Wormhole LP for days…  well 10 days to be exact cuz there’s only 10 on the album. 😉   It’s still one of my top dnb albums.  This track is one of my faves of of it.

State of MindNext Level 95BFM 5/30/09
Try and grab this while you can, sometimes those beatplexity links don’t stay up for that long.


Ill Skillz – In Your Name
Camo & Kr00ked – Escape
Cable – Plastic Planets
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Shake the Disease
Dabs – Crawler
Cern – Seek The Truth [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Chris.SU – Illusions
Bungle – Move On
State Of Mind – Inverse Current
Mindscape & Monk – Into The Night

Dose & Black Planet –
L Plus – Runnings?

Trei & Teknik – Sleepless
Black Sun Empire & Chris.SU – Skyrider
State Of Mind & Chris.SU – Wanna Hear
Shimon & Bizarre – Zoids
Prolix – Hold Back
Borderline – Change of Shapes
Cause 4 Concern – Paranormal (Prolix remix)
Spor – Do Not Shake
Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo – 3 of a Kind
Phace – Crocker
Mayhem – Meant to Be
Utopia – Force of Mind
Concord Dawn, Psidream & Pacific – Bloody Fives
Bulletproof feat Mindscape & Tiki Taane – Dark Times (State Of Mind remix)
State Of Mind – More
Trei feat. Thomas Oliver – Lead Me On