Student Life

I didn’t disappear.  I’ve been tucked away studying Japanese.  I’ve actually been quite disciplined.  I wake up, work out and then put myself in school for about 5 hours.  I was never a good student and still am not, but one thing I definitely know is the benefit of understanding the structure of the language of the students I’m teaching.  It helps immensely in the classroom because you can predict their errors, so I’m grinning and bearing it.

Summer is coming along nicely, it’s going by so fast though!  3 more weeks and then I’m off to Japan.  I’m beside myself trying to figure out how one packs to go away for one year.  I feel like I had become quite good at the short stays.  6 months is nothing.  You know you’ll be back soon enough so you just make sure you have enough clothes and little trinkets that will help you create a home away from home.  1 year though, you try and make sure you bring your home with you.  They recommend that I don’t bring too much stuff with me and buy stuff there and then get my family to ship stuff to me…   um that won’t work for me.  I’m not rich.  It’s so expensive to ship stuff to other countries.  I sent a small box of clothes to my cousin in London which had like 5 things I got for her kiddos at Target and it cost $50.  I’d rather pay for the extra suitcase now instead.

Anyways, enough whinging.  I was just letting you know what I’ve been up to.  I haven’t really been finding any mixes that I felt like I would die if I didn’t share with you, hence the lack of posts.  I’ve just been listening to old stuff.  I love the feeling of reintroducing old tunes to the rotation.  So many fond memories.

I’m going to Chicago today to visit the homies.  Came across this Soultec mix.  I haven’t listened to it yet but the tracklist looks decent and I usually like Soultec mixes so hopefully this adds some joy to my roadtrip. 🙂

Soultec – Sheer Velocity Recordings Mix Vol. 4


Bank – An Empty Dream – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Just Cant Take feat. Drs – Metal Headz
Alix Perez – Crooklyn – Soul:r
Glen E Ston & Flaco – Journey – Dub
Subsid – Single Hand – SVr Dub
Lenzman – Through My Eyes – Metal Headz
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go – Celsius
Broken Drum – Smile (Random Movement Remix_ – SVR Dub
Calibre – Chances – SIgnature
Strengthen Your Mind (Level 2 D&B Remix) -Free
Spective – Warmth of Sunshine – Soul Deep Dub
LSB – Leave – soul:r
Atlantic Connection & Redeyes – Can’t Hide – Westbay International
Soul Intent – Far Out Funk – Dub
MJT – Fuego – SVr Dub
Jaybee – Mixed Company – SVr Dub


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