DnB History

Being a raver/dj is a time in my life that I will never forget.  I made so many amazing friends and enjoyed every moment of it.  One of the best things that came out of that period of time is my record collection.  About 19 years of dope tracks that are all my favourites.

Telling me to pick one as my fave is pure cruelty so I always preface it with “for today.”  I do that with my students too, I tell them they can tell me what their fave thing in whatever the category is, just for today and it’s okay if it changes tomorrow, so no one feels left out.  LOL.

My set up is in the basement at my mum’s house and as I wait to leave for Japan I have impromptu bedroom dance/mix parties probably about 4 times a week.  It always makes me happy.  I have so many good records.  I could mix for days and be in constant bliss.

As I tell you frequently, I am no way remotely up to date with what goes on in dnb land today.  I tune in every once in a while and get updates from my friends that are still a part of the scene and I’m content with that. My friend Judi (one of my amazing raving buddies I have been fortunate to make of the past 2 decades) posted this link to a Dara article from DAD on 20 years of drum n bass and it brought back so many memories.

I have so many crazy/hilarious/classic/monumental/epic stories from my raving/djing/promoting days, I would love to sit down with the younguns today and hear what their stories are like.  Mainly just because I’m nosy and I don’t really live that life anymore so I instead like to live vicariously through others.  😉

Anyways, check out the article.  Peep the tracks.  Good read.

20 Years of Drum and Bass History in 20 Tracks

**  EZ Rollers – Tough At The Top is one of the tracks Dara chose.  There are some records that I don’t own and they are the ones that haunt you every time you hear them.  I own the original and it’s extremely wonderful but I also really love the Origin Unknown Remix and never got it.  I always think that I will spend one day trolling for the copious amounts of tunes I don’t own but then I go back to living my regular life and forget about it.  I am going to Discogs to buy this tune the second I finish this post though.  LOL. **

The 2nd drop is ridiculous.  I know for a fact I hugged many a speaker brocking out to that drop. It’s really what this remix is all about cuz the part before that is pretty tame.  Loves it.



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