Graffiti Kiki

Man.  My weekend was ridiculously graffiti filled.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Lots of hanging out and just kicking it with my friends.  The Ironlak US team was here to do a legal wall and it came out pretty amazing.  George is part of the team and Jeremy works for Ironlak so I was definitely Ironlak til I die this weekend.  LOL.  I won’t post pics, I’ll just wait til they are done with the video and post it then cuz it’ll be way cooler than my rinky dink photos.  Fun times with my friends for sure.  That’s all I usually ask for. 😉

The Square feat. Glen E StonGood Enough Remix (track is in The Square player)

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalSick NoteVirus Recordings 1999
Ed Rush & Optical are always my goto dudes when I can’t think of an oldie.  All their old tracks are ridiculous awesome, what else can I say? 🙂

Paul ResetSeptember 2009 Mix


“Floating Tribe’ – DBR UK & Marginal (dub)
“Ringtone” – Calibre (Red Seal)
“Barn (Break rmx)” – Sato (Ingredients)
“1998″ – Kantyze (Influenza LTD dub)
“Sabotage” – Linden (Broken Audio)
“I Was 10″ – Spectrasoul (SGN:LTD)
“Alien Wings” – Zardonic & Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat (dub)
“Blackout” – Megadrummer (dub)
“Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical rmx)” – Sigma (Viper)
“Jump Around” – Temper D (dub)
“Optimus Prime” – Chook (Full Force dub)
“The Void” – Gridlok (P51 dub)
“Treacherous Woman” – Genr8 (NVision dub)
“Eastern Promise” – Skynet (Corinthian)
“Aura” – Linden (dub)
“Planet Fall” – Audio (Virus)
“Contact (Noisia rmx)” – Foreign Beggars (Dented)
“Into Illusion” – Counterstrike & Katharsys (Algorythm dub)
“The Sickness” – Amit & Outrage (Commercial Suicide)
“Tell No Tales” – Morphy (dub)


2 thoughts on “Graffiti Kiki

  1. ironlack huh 😉 , we must cruise all the exact same spots when it comes to sets ? you seem to always be up on the same stuff im grabbing 😉 i still come check your page anyway just in case haha, nice work mate, keep it up

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