Music Makes Me High

Remember that song?

I’ve been music heaven. I’ve had a ton of shit to do and I’m just listening to mix after mix and knockin out my work. Awesome.

I’ve listened to some really good mixes. The Vandal Podcast below is awesome and I’m still listening to the Zetek and I really like the Atlantic Connection I posted the other day too.

Heard some new ones I heard.

Atlantic ConnectionWonderful Life

Break & SurvivalWarnings

I gotta get back to work.


Ney FaustiniVandal Podcast 05


01. Prime8 – Sound Of Summer (Cybass Remix) [Aperture dub]
02. Marcus Intalex & St Files – Universe [Metalheadz]
03. Zero T – Reasonable Doubt [C.I.A]
04. Translate – She Is Mine [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
05. Cybass Feat. Miss Drop – Joy [dub]
06. Subwave & ESS – Universal Dimension [Syntax Audio]
07. DJ Glide & Danoo – Summer Breeze [Influenza Media dub]
08. Simplification – Out Of Time [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
09. C.A.B.L.E. – Significant Other [C.I.A. dub]
10. State Of Mind – Floor Fourteen [Syntax Audio]
11. Sabre – Riverside (Zero T Remix) [Lucky Devil]
12. Icicle – Spartan [Shogun Audio]
13. Spirit – Spellbound [Metalheadz]
14. Bungle – The Source [Critical dub]
15. Mathematics & Tactile – Memories [Social Studies]
16. Apex – The Yearning VIP [Horizons]
17. Ney Faustini – 4 All [Syntax Audio dub]
18. Bungle & Index – Left Behind [dub]
>> Ed Rush & Optical – Gro-Bag [Virus]
19. Calibre – Roundhouse [Signature]


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