I woke up this morning with an air of serenity enveloping me. No I’m not trying to become a poet. It really was just how I felt. I’ve been steady calm for the past 7 hours. I did wake up an hour earlier than I usually do so maybe the serenity had something to do with the stillness of 4:27 a.m. Regardless, I like it.

There’s not much going on at my work today. I’m caught up for the time being.

I’ve been enjoying the mixes I’ve downloaded recently a lot. That Zetek Podcast is dope, so is that Numeral Mix and also the Ney Faustini Vandal Podcast and that Atlantic Connection Mix.

I like this one:

Redeyes & Random MovementHow Many Ways It’s not ridiculously amazing or anything but it is really pretty and I’m secretly an R&B lover, therefore I cannot pass up any dose of Toni Braxton whatsoever šŸ˜‰

Today’s Oldie: Ed Rush & OpticalPunch Bag – Virus 01 – 1998


SortedFall DnB Promo


01. Nasty Habits – Deep Beats – 31 Records
02. Calibre – Sockitome – Signature Recordings
03. Spectrasoul – Dark Hour – Critical Recordings
04. Lynx – East To West – Brand Nu
05. Icicle & Spectrasoul – Wounded – SGN:LTD
06. Calibre – Mindprint – Reccomends Vol4
07. DJ Marky & Makoto – Secret Place – Innerground
08. Furney and Tayla – I choose You Baby – Telluric
09. D Bridge ft. Calibre – Ponderosa – Exit
10. Icicle & Spectrasoul – Body Language – SGN:LTD
11. Marcus Intalex – Bitter End – Soul:r 320
12. Mixmaster Doc – Macrophage – Brand Nu
13. London Elektricity – Southeastern Dream – Hospital


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