Well I’ve bitched about it before so you know what’s up. One of the ladies isn’t here today. I have to do her work too and it’s all a bit too much. I’m handling it though. Instead of getting annoyed I’ve just tuned into Bassdrive and let dnb keep me company.

Here’s some jammers I heard:

Glen[e]Ston – Promises Love It! (track is in the player)

Robot Redford – Short Goodbye (track is in the player)

J-Cut – The Flute Tune This track is sick! (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dj DieClear Skyz – Full Cycle 1999


P.S. Bday shouts to my buddy Erin. “Are you Arthur or Martha??” LOL 🙂


MethodusThe Eastern Standard @ Bassdrive

(This mix is awesome.  I listened to it on repeat last night while I pretended to clean my room but really just put stuff in piles.)


01. Brother – Reversal [Fokuz Digital]
02. DJ Clart – What You Won’t Do [Unreleased]
03. Flaco – Space Blues [Unreleased]
04. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold (Komatic Remix) [Unreleased]
05. Kabuki ft. Jenna G – Rock This Style [Liquid V]
06. Calculon – Depth Perception [Unreleased]
07. Dan Marshall – Capsized [Unreleased]
08. Robot Redford & M. Sauer – Missing Out [Unreleased]
09. B-Complex – In Your Sunrise [Unreleased]
10. Tyler Straub – Motivational Tune [Unreleased]
11. Random Movement – ‘Till Doomsday [CIA Deep Kut]
12. Utah Jazz – Runaway [Liquid V]
13. Zero T & Icicle ft. Steo – Go 4 Yours [CIA]
14. YoungStereo – SuperStar [Unreleased]
15. Calculon – Rhodes Less Traveled [Fourthcoimg Fokuz]
16. Tyler Straub – Glocks & Rainbows [Unreleased]


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