Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’m having a great day today.  It’s just nice to wake up in a good mood and have it continue hours and hours into the rest of the day.

Some new faves….

Lenzman – Bright Lights (track is in the player)

Saburuko & Brother – In Control (track is in the player)

Naibu – Fireflies (track is in the player)

Redeyes & Random Movement feat. MuttGroove Thing (track is in the Redeyes player) Nice collabo going on there.  Three of my favourite artists.  This is coming out on Future RetroBCee has a really good thing going with both Future Retro and Spearhead, I love a lot of the tracks that come out on both of them.

People are always asking me why I love liquid funk so fucking much.  LOL.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions but I’ll say it again…  I basically want pretend that I’m hanging out in a beautiful garden with multicoloured pastel drinks with umbrellas in them while lying in a hammock with sunglasses and pretty flower aroma blowing in the breeze and the sun shining through the trees but not on me as I don’t want it to be too hot.  Liquid funk pretty much helps me to create that pretend scenario,  Noisa on the other hand usually does not.  🙂

I’m halfway into this Zetek podcast mix and I already love it.  I will full on admit that I had no idea who he was until today but I’m definitely digging him now.


ZetekRubik Podcast 14


01. Will Miles – Eye Believe – Sonorous
02. Kubiks & Lomax – Wise Words – Progress
03. Pentagon & Ethix – My Melody – Rubik
04. Zetek feat Kubiks – Why – Dub (Love it!)
05. Kubiks & Codename – Desimeter – Dub
06. Zetek feat Kubiks – Cyanide – Rubik
07. Zetek feat Kubiks – Level Plains – Rubik
08. L.A.O.S – We All – Spearhead
09. Blame – Stay Forever – Charge
10. Apex – Falling – Horizons
11. Matrix & Futurebound – Womb – Viper
12. Danny Bryd – Gold Rush – Hospital
13. Soulmatic – Anything you need – Viper
14. Zetek feat Kubiks – 3 Blind Mice – Dub
15. Unknown Error – Alone – Horizons
16. Zetek feat Kubiks – Wake Up Call – Dub

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