I have 2 distinct group of friends.  My drum n bass posse and then my non-electronic music peeps which mostly consists of hip hop/rap folks.  It’s nice having 2 different types of events to go to all the time.

Last night I went to a Rude 1 show at Lava.  They are always fun.  People always come out and they have a good vibe.  I don’t really listen to rap/hip hop.  I listen to so much dnb that I don’t really have time to and I definitely don’t listen to mainstream stuff cuz I don’t listen to the radio so I’m usually out of the loop.  I like going to these shows cuz they play all the good ish that I know nothing about.  Good times last night.

Zetek – Higher State (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DecoderStashHardleaders 1998
I got reminded of this one listening to that Kemi & Storm mix that I posted yesterday.  I really like Decoder.

LenzmanGram Agency Podcast #1


01. lenzman – stuck – tbc
02. commix – breaking through – 31 records
03. lenzman – memory loss – c.i.a. deep kut
04. spectrasoul – in profile – tbc (still loving this one!)
05. alix perez – sorrow – shogun audio
06. commix – justified – metalheadz
07. total science & conrad – soul patrol (lenzman’s dark & dirty mix)
08. makoto – sentimental mood – creative source
09. calibre – hypnotise – soul:r
10. lenzman & redeyes – untitled – integral
11. mutt feat. kevin king – conversations – tbc
12. lenzman – caught up v.i.p. – no release
13. influx datum – meant love – headquarters
14. spectrasoul – buried – 31 records
15. lenzman feat. jo-s – fade away – 31 records


I’ve got a bunch of moronic scut work to do today so I’m just kinda going through the motions.  Fingers crossed that my day becomes a little less boring.

Zetek – Orbital (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
P Funk P Funk EraFrontline Records 1995
This record definitely needs no intro.  Awesome classic.

Fusion & BCeeSpectrum 01/18/09


Atlantic Connection – The New Dawn (Free download)
Priors – Fine Day [Johnny’s Teaser mix] (CD-R)
The Funktion – Just Blue (CD-R)
The Statesmen – Smile (CD-R)
BCee – Disciple (Fokuz)
Beyonce – Lose My Breath [Spinor remix] (CD-R)
Joss Stone – Put Your Hands On Me [Basek remix] (CD-R)
B-52s – Love Shack [Dan Marshall remix] (CD-R)
Underworld – Born Slippy [Invisible Landscape remix] (CD-R)
Marcus Intalex – Skizm (Astro Dance EP – Soul:R)
Capone – Tudor Rose (Hardleaders)

Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System (Integral)
Blame – Bring Me Down (720)
N.E.R.D. – Nerdstep (Dub)
Hybrid – Finished Symphony [D&B remix] (Dub)
BCee & S.P.Y. – Diagnosis Murder (Spearhead)
L.A.O.S. – Need (Future Retro)
Blame feat. Selah – Because of You (720)
BCee – Generations (Spearhead)
Hold Tight – 9 2 5 [Cyantific remix] (Dub)
Shy FX – Feelings [Nu:Tone remix] (Digital Soundbwoy)
Syncopix – Heaven Sent (Dub)
Lomax – Resist (Soul:R)
BCee – Consumed (Spearhead)
Blame feat. Selah – Stay Forever VIP (Dub)

Music Makes Me High

Remember that song?

I’ve been music heaven. I’ve had a ton of shit to do and I’m just listening to mix after mix and knockin out my work. Awesome.

I’ve listened to some really good mixes. The Vandal Podcast below is awesome and I’m still listening to the Zetek and I really like the Atlantic Connection I posted the other day too.

Heard some new ones I heard.

Atlantic ConnectionWonderful Life

Break & SurvivalWarnings

I gotta get back to work.


Ney FaustiniVandal Podcast 05


01. Prime8 – Sound Of Summer (Cybass Remix) [Aperture dub]
02. Marcus Intalex & St Files – Universe [Metalheadz]
03. Zero T – Reasonable Doubt [C.I.A]
04. Translate – She Is Mine [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
05. Cybass Feat. Miss Drop – Joy [dub]
06. Subwave & ESS – Universal Dimension [Syntax Audio]
07. DJ Glide & Danoo – Summer Breeze [Influenza Media dub]
08. Simplification – Out Of Time [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
09. C.A.B.L.E. – Significant Other [C.I.A. dub]
10. State Of Mind – Floor Fourteen [Syntax Audio]
11. Sabre – Riverside (Zero T Remix) [Lucky Devil]
12. Icicle – Spartan [Shogun Audio]
13. Spirit – Spellbound [Metalheadz]
14. Bungle – The Source [Critical dub]
15. Mathematics & Tactile – Memories [Social Studies]
16. Apex – The Yearning VIP [Horizons]
17. Ney Faustini – 4 All [Syntax Audio dub]
18. Bungle & Index – Left Behind [dub]
>> Ed Rush & Optical – Gro-Bag [Virus]
19. Calibre – Roundhouse [Signature]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I’m having a great day today.  It’s just nice to wake up in a good mood and have it continue hours and hours into the rest of the day.

Some new faves….

Lenzman – Bright Lights (track is in the player)

Saburuko & Brother – In Control (track is in the player)

Naibu – Fireflies (track is in the player)

Redeyes & Random Movement feat. MuttGroove Thing (track is in the Redeyes player) Nice collabo going on there.  Three of my favourite artists.  This is coming out on Future RetroBCee has a really good thing going with both Future Retro and Spearhead, I love a lot of the tracks that come out on both of them.

People are always asking me why I love liquid funk so fucking much.  LOL.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions but I’ll say it again…  I basically want pretend that I’m hanging out in a beautiful garden with multicoloured pastel drinks with umbrellas in them while lying in a hammock with sunglasses and pretty flower aroma blowing in the breeze and the sun shining through the trees but not on me as I don’t want it to be too hot.  Liquid funk pretty much helps me to create that pretend scenario,  Noisa on the other hand usually does not.  🙂

I’m halfway into this Zetek podcast mix and I already love it.  I will full on admit that I had no idea who he was until today but I’m definitely digging him now.


ZetekRubik Podcast 14


01. Will Miles – Eye Believe – Sonorous
02. Kubiks & Lomax – Wise Words – Progress
03. Pentagon & Ethix – My Melody – Rubik
04. Zetek feat Kubiks – Why – Dub (Love it!)
05. Kubiks & Codename – Desimeter – Dub
06. Zetek feat Kubiks – Cyanide – Rubik
07. Zetek feat Kubiks – Level Plains – Rubik
08. L.A.O.S – We All – Spearhead
09. Blame – Stay Forever – Charge
10. Apex – Falling – Horizons
11. Matrix & Futurebound – Womb – Viper
12. Danny Bryd – Gold Rush – Hospital
13. Soulmatic – Anything you need – Viper
14. Zetek feat Kubiks – 3 Blind Mice – Dub
15. Unknown Error – Alone – Horizons
16. Zetek feat Kubiks – Wake Up Call – Dub