I have 2 distinct group of friends.  My drum n bass posse and then my non-electronic music peeps which mostly consists of hip hop/rap folks.  It’s nice having 2 different types of events to go to all the time.

Last night I went to a Rude 1 show at Lava.  They are always fun.  People always come out and they have a good vibe.  I don’t really listen to rap/hip hop.  I listen to so much dnb that I don’t really have time to and I definitely don’t listen to mainstream stuff cuz I don’t listen to the radio so I’m usually out of the loop.  I like going to these shows cuz they play all the good ish that I know nothing about.  Good times last night.

Zetek – Higher State (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DecoderStashHardleaders 1998
I got reminded of this one listening to that Kemi & Storm mix that I posted yesterday.  I really like Decoder.

LenzmanGram Agency Podcast #1


01. lenzman – stuck – tbc
02. commix – breaking through – 31 records
03. lenzman – memory loss – c.i.a. deep kut
04. spectrasoul – in profile – tbc (still loving this one!)
05. alix perez – sorrow – shogun audio
06. commix – justified – metalheadz
07. total science & conrad – soul patrol (lenzman’s dark & dirty mix)
08. makoto – sentimental mood – creative source
09. calibre – hypnotise – soul:r
10. lenzman & redeyes – untitled – integral
11. mutt feat. kevin king – conversations – tbc
12. lenzman – caught up v.i.p. – no release
13. influx datum – meant love – headquarters
14. spectrasoul – buried – 31 records
15. lenzman feat. jo-s – fade away – 31 records

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