Queen of the Dairy

I love ice cream. Most people do. The only person I know who doesn’t get excited to delve into a pint of ice cream for no good reason whatsoever is my friend Reisha. My biggest complaint since I moved to the Chi six years ago was that there wasn’t a Dairy Queen within walking distance from my house. My old place in Minneapolis was a block away from one and it was the highlight of many a day. When Jessica and I heard that they had opened one on Damen we was ecstatic! I will definitely be getting a Dairy Queen ice cream bday cake this year, trust!

We finally made our way there last night. The service was not the best but then Jessica made the good point that when have you ever gone to a Dairy Queen and gotten impeccable service! LOL. I seriously was on cloud 9. I got a French Silk Blizzard and it seriously might have been the best thing I’ve tasted all year. (I’m sure you’ve come to terms with my exaggeration problem so I doubt it was the best thing I’ve tasted all year but we’ll just go with it for today) I was looking for a pic of Dairy Queen to post and one of the web pages I came across was the nutritional content of Dairy Queen items…. 1410 Calories in that French Silk Blizzard. Yikes. I’m not really that weight conscious and what not but dang, it’s seems a little insane to spend 2/3 of your recommended daily calorie intake on a blizzard. It was good but again, dang.

I’m becoming more boring by the minute. It’s a sad day when the most exciting thing I have to tell you about last night is my gluttonous trip to Dairy Queen. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday on Bassdrive chat they were having an old skool conversation about Andy C. I joined in for a mo. Basically anything Andy C/Ram affiliated after 2002 is so not really my thing, but all that stuff before then, man, so awesome. I have been buying more Ram Records lately though since Chase and Status are on there and I like their tunes every now and again. Take Me Away FTW.

Ever since I listened to that Optical tape on the Internet Rave Archive I’ve been totally craving old dnb tracks. I really am going to try and organize my records this weekend, or at least start it.

Here’s a couple of my Andy C/Ram faves.

Ram Trilogy – Human Future

Adam F – Circles (Andy C Remix)

I’ve been naughty. I’ve been listening to the same mixes over and over and haven’t been as tuned into Bassdrive so I actually am not too up on the new ish. I’ll be better I promise. πŸ™‚

In the meantime I’m loving this Saburuko.

SaburukoTitanium/Love Is The Devil

TechnicolourLe Corbusier (I love the other track Half A Chance as well. I had mentioned it before but didn’t have a sample at the time. Just an awesome release all round.)

Toodloo for now

Atlantic Connection2008 Studio Mix

😦 no tracklist

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