Don’t Hate Kiki

Do you hate me?  Please don’t.  The blatant neglect is not intentional I swear!  I want to say that I will just get rid of this blog all together but then there are random days like today where I actually have a free mo and decide to write.  I think I just feel guilty that there was a time almost 4 years ago that I was able to write about my dnb obsession every day and then all of a sudden I got all grownz up and am too busy to chat incessantly about my love for it. 😦

Enough with the emo confessions.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  🙂  Sorry I didn’t do a top tunes list for last year but I really don’t have as much of a tally of tunes as I used to seeing as  I don’t write every day anymore and therefore didn’t have enough data to make a proper list.

School has started again.  It’s busy and it’s hard but i’m not as unprepared for how hard these classes I’m taking are as I was last semester so I’m not depressed and I’m ready to take this semester head on.  Woot!

I have been listening to so many mixes as usual.  It’s so easy to live in a blissful dnb cloud these days as we have access to so many mixes and so many radio stations.  Gotta love it.


Eveson – Deeper Green
This song is hella old but I see that it finally got released on the new Liquid V Club Sessions Vol. 4 CD.  I’ve loved this tune for so long.  ❤  So pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
EvesonLazy DayzAvalanche Recordings 2007
Not that old but I’ve got Eveson on the brain cuz I was working out to an old mix of his this morning.  Good stuff.

Break – Symmetry Podcast 001
Super excited to listen to this one.  Woot.


0:00 Break – They’re Wrong [Symmetry]
4:46 Sato – Clap Your hands
8:27 Mikal – The Chant
9:34 Optiv & BTK – Blindstruck feat Fokus
11:24 Mute & Mako – Form
16:12 Octane & DLR – ?
17:50 Spinline – Untitled
18:46 ?
21:42 Octane & DLR — Stick and Move feat. Focus
25:00 Hydro & Halogenix – Scarlet
>>>> Naibu – Long Way Out
27:36 Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (feat. Rochelle Parker)
31:15 ?
33:07 Silent Witness feat. Sara Mitra — Leave You
37:30 ?
45:15 ?
53:42 Break — Hot Love [RAM]
55:44 Xtrah – Cyrax [Symmetry]
1:00 Break – ?
1:04:11 Break – Something New
1:05:50 Critical Impact – Only Girl [ClearSkyz]
1:09:31 ?
1:12:50 ?
1:15:45 Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix)
1:17:35 Mortem – The Touch (Sabre Remix)
1:19:49 ?
1:22:01 ?
1:26:26 ?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Kiki

  1. Liquid V Club Sessions 4 is a suprisingly decent release. “Take it Back” by Serum / Bladerunner and Blazin’ are the bubblers in book. Keep the Blog please. Just post when you feel like it. No reason to feel guilt 😉

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