Don’t Hate Kiki

Do you hate me?  Please don’t.  The blatant neglect is not intentional I swear!  I want to say that I will just get rid of this blog all together but then there are random days like today where I actually have a free mo and decide to write.  I think I just feel guilty that there was a time almost 4 years ago that I was able to write about my dnb obsession every day and then all of a sudden I got all grownz up and am too busy to chat incessantly about my love for it. 😦

Enough with the emo confessions.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  🙂  Sorry I didn’t do a top tunes list for last year but I really don’t have as much of a tally of tunes as I used to seeing as  I don’t write every day anymore and therefore didn’t have enough data to make a proper list.

School has started again.  It’s busy and it’s hard but i’m not as unprepared for how hard these classes I’m taking are as I was last semester so I’m not depressed and I’m ready to take this semester head on.  Woot!

I have been listening to so many mixes as usual.  It’s so easy to live in a blissful dnb cloud these days as we have access to so many mixes and so many radio stations.  Gotta love it.


Eveson – Deeper Green
This song is hella old but I see that it finally got released on the new Liquid V Club Sessions Vol. 4 CD.  I’ve loved this tune for so long.  ❤  So pretty.

Today’s Oldie:
EvesonLazy DayzAvalanche Recordings 2007
Not that old but I’ve got Eveson on the brain cuz I was working out to an old mix of his this morning.  Good stuff.

Break – Symmetry Podcast 001
Super excited to listen to this one.  Woot.


0:00 Break – They’re Wrong [Symmetry]
4:46 Sato – Clap Your hands
8:27 Mikal – The Chant
9:34 Optiv & BTK – Blindstruck feat Fokus
11:24 Mute & Mako – Form
16:12 Octane & DLR – ?
17:50 Spinline – Untitled
18:46 ?
21:42 Octane & DLR — Stick and Move feat. Focus
25:00 Hydro & Halogenix – Scarlet
>>>> Naibu – Long Way Out
27:36 Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (feat. Rochelle Parker)
31:15 ?
33:07 Silent Witness feat. Sara Mitra — Leave You
37:30 ?
45:15 ?
53:42 Break — Hot Love [RAM]
55:44 Xtrah – Cyrax [Symmetry]
1:00 Break – ?
1:04:11 Break – Something New
1:05:50 Critical Impact – Only Girl [ClearSkyz]
1:09:31 ?
1:12:50 ?
1:15:45 Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix)
1:17:35 Mortem – The Touch (Sabre Remix)
1:19:49 ?
1:22:01 ?
1:26:26 ?

Dedicated Kiki

Hey rain, kick rocks!  It’s grey and gloomy and so not cute.  I want the sun to come out and play again dammit.

I can’t believe it’s thursday already.  Going back to work hasn’t seemed that strange to be honest.  I think I was just sick of being in my apartment so I’m glad to be able leave everyday.  I’m embracing my 9 to 5 status. 😉

Eveson – Get Your Swerve On (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
OpticalGrey OdysseyHigher Ground 1997

NymfoBSE Podcast 11


01. vicious circle – condors – quarantine
02. s.p.y. – xenomorph – metalheadz
03. nymfo – matchstick – commercial suicide
04. cern + teknik – wasabi – project51
05. octane + dlr – back in the grind – dispatch
06. noisia + phace – floatin zero – invisible
07. bse + dkay – bullet in the head (gridlok remix)
08. heist – captured – metalheadz
09. nymfo – flying fortress – state of mind music
10. raiden – m82 (spirit remix) – voodoo
11. nymfo – sidewise in time – cia records
12. rockwell – my war – shogun audio
13. mj cole – sincere (logistics bootleg)
14. calibre – steptoe – signature recordings
15. spy + nymfo – amsterjam – dub
16. ulterior motive – 2098 – subtitles music
17. total science – squash (spy 2010 remix) – cia records
18. black sun empire + nymfo – kempi – bse recordings

Custodian Kiki

Operation Job Search is in serious effect.  I’m trying my hardest to find any job so I won’t have to leave in may.  I applied for jobs yesterday that I would never dream of doing but whatever right?  Madison’s atmosphere really depresses me so I’d rather be at a job that depressed me for a little bit than being in a city that did.

You should listen to that Asides Eastsides Bassdrive Session that I posted yesterday if you haven’t already.  Really good stuff.

EvesonHear No Evil

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyScannersRam Records 1998
So awesome. I can never get enough of these old Ram Records bangers. I’ve been having Ram Records mixing sessions on the regular at my house cuz it’s a great way to spice up the afternoon. 🙂

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #27 April 5, 2010


Sabre, Noisia, Icicle – Quarters
Zero Tolerance & Rockwell – Bone Structure
Spinline – Radioactive
Holdtight – Blackstone
Consequence – A Man And A Woman
Slovar – Plastiq [Cdr]
June Miller – Converge
Sabre – Peril
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Vaccinate [Cdr]
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Riff Raff
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Spinline – Groove Scam
Code 3 – Response
Mindstorm – Abbey Road
Jaybee & K-Dan – Love Affair [Cdr]
The Square, Blue Motion & Msdos – You Don’t Need Me
Baron Simms & Mat-E-Rich – Being With You [Cdr]
Marcas – Dream Era
Netsky – Starlight
Peyo – Old Times
Druid – Colors Shifting
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Ft. Miri – Days Go Slow
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Dc Breaks Bootleg)
Druid – The Power [Cdr]
A-Sides Ft. Fats – Rebel Rouser
The Invaderz – Can’t Explain It
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Fang Face
S.P.Y. – Asbo
Joe Syntax – White Light [Cdr]
Consequence – 11 Circles
Rockwell – Underpass
Spinline – Irreverse
Blue Motion – Epileptic [Cdr]
Rockwell – Tribes
Stunna – Face The Night (Indivision Remix) [Cdr]

Winter Carnival Kiki

It’s snowing out but it’s actually kind of pretty.  It obviously won’t be pretty tomorrow when it’s all slushy and dirty but in the meantime I’ll just pretend I’m at a winter carnival.  🙂

Makoto & A SidesHot Rock (track is in Makoto player)
Been loving this one for a hot minute.  Dope tune.

Eveson – Marley (track is in player)
Nice happy track.  ❤

Today’s Oldie:
Total ScienceSquashAdvanced Recordings 2005
Always awesome.  This track never stops being good.

Big BudSoundtrax 4 Life Bassdriven 01/28/10


01. Electrosoul System – To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix) [KOSMOS]
02. Blade, dRamatic & dbAudio – ?
03. dRamatic & dbAudio – Subtle Shaking [GOOD LOOKING]
04. Eveson – Found a Groove [LIQUID V]
05. Big Bud – Ladies and Blues [SOUNdTRAX]
06. Edward Oberon – Paradise [CREATIVE SOURCE]
07. Atlantic Connection – Bad a Man [WESTBAY]
08. Utah Jazz – Money’s One Thing [GOOD LOOKING]
09. Greg Packer – Stay [N/A]
10. Bachelors of Science – Ice Dance (Lenzman Remix) [HORIZONS]
11. ?
12. Redeyes – Brothers [FUTURE RETRO]
13. Mutt feat. Kevin King – Thinking [SOUNdTRAX]
14. Sobersoul – To Love [SYNC:SAPHIR]

Franklin Park Kiki

I’m in Franklin Park, New Jersey.  Hanging with the fam.  Just met my nephew James.  Too cute.  I will post pics soon.  Flight was ok.  I’m kinda sleepy though.

EvesonGram Agency Podcast Vol. 6

01 – june miller – neurosis (horizons)
02 – edward oberon – le vacca (soundtrax)
03 – edward oberon – paradise (creative source dub)
04 – eveson – ill funk ting’ (good looking dub)
05 – carlito & addiction – just wanna be (creative source)
06 – lenzman – fade away (soul:r dub)
07 – eveson – deeper green (samurai redseal dub)
08 – dBridge – inner disbelief (exit)
09 – commix – painted smile (metalheadz)
10 – edward oberon – reckoning (influence dub)
11 – total science – tresspass (dub)
12 – loxy & resound – burden (31 dub)
13 – ed rush & nico – what’s up (no u turn)
14 – eveson – the lost isles (cia deepkut dub)
15 – the insiders – heatwave (intrigue dub)
16 – st files – crack den (soul:r)
17 – sunchase – ultimate survival (xtinction agenda dub)
18 – glen e.ston – siberian drift (im ltd dub)
19 – circa – ida (medschool dub)
20 – eveson – numbers (xtinction agenda dub)
21 – dkay & lee – tuning remix (razors edge)
>> breakage – clarendon (digital soundboy)
22 – total science – while you were sleeping (cia dub)
23 – s.p.y – moon patrol (metalheadz)
24 – jubei – patience (metalheadz dub)
25 – dBridge – 5th floor (exit)
26 – lenzman ft. riya – open page (metalheadz dub)
27 – mutt & generic ft. kevin king – forget (dub)
28 – soul intent – synthetic (dub)
29 – mutt ft. kevin king – conversations (cia deepkut)
30 – calibre – hypnotise (soul:r)
31 – eveson – found a groove (liquid v dub)
32 – calibre – let me hold you (signature)
>> the bonus breaks
33 – calibre – reach you everywhere (signature)
34 – eveson – a broken soul (channel 82 dub)
35 – burial & four tet – wolf cub
36 – four tet – love cry (joy orbison remix) (dub)
37 – nu yorican soul – i am the black gold of the sun (4 hero remix)

Dollar Bill Kiki

This new aimlessly wandering lifestyle I seem to have adopted is so odd.  If there’s anything anyone would say about me it’s that I’m usually a stickler for structure.

I’m still job hunting and I’m also doing some work for one of my friends as well as holding on to my current savings for dear life.  I have enough money to last me for a minute but at the same time I’m being quite stingy with my dollars.

It’s actually kinda interesting to not know what’s going on day to day.  I don’t know if I could do this on a permanent basis but for now I’m kinda enjoying it. 🙂

Commix Breaking Through
I could have sworn I posted this already but I was probably just waiting for a sample. Love it.

Eveson – Bluebird (track is in player)
I must say I really like Eveson’s vibe.  Pretty tunes.

Today’s Oldie:
Commix Midas Touch Subtitles Music 2005
I figured I’d continue on the Commix route. This track isn’t as old obviously but it’s still one of my Commix faves.

SoultecJuly Mix 2009


00.00 – M25 & Subsid – Rio (BU Remix) – ?
05.01 – A Sides – One Love – East Sides
08.14 – dRamatic & db Audio – Mesmerized – ?
13.36 – Unknown Vs Love Unlimited orchestra – Never Gonna Let You Go (Remix) –
16.54 – Quantrec & Heavy 1 – Independent – ?
20.08 – dRamatic – key Time Rhythm – ?
23.40 – Brother – Round About Noon – Fokuz
27.35 – Luca – Speak Easy – Red Seal – Music
31.30 – Glen E Ston & Decem – Star City Saga – ?
35.38 – Subsid & L Side – Cant You See – ?
39.10 – soulTec – baby Its You – Telluric Dub
44.05 – Johny L – Microdaze – Monk Recordings
48.27 – Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemy’s (Flaco Remix) – ?
52.21 – MJ Cole – Sincere (Eveson Remix) – Channel 82
55.55 – Layo & Bushwacker – Love Story (Fred V Remix)
59.48 – Unknown Vs Kanye West – Ride Time – ?
63.43 – Redeyes & Random Movement – Groove Thing – Spear Head
66.54 – Stereotype – Nothings Changed – ?
73.48 – Redeyes, Mutt & Random Movement – How Many Ways – Spearhead
77.33 – Jaheim – Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix) –
81.24 – soulTec – You Got Me Sugar – ?
84.56 – Calibre – Mr Maverick – Signature
88.00 – Breakage – So Vain (VIP) – ?
95.28 – Luca – Eastern Highway – Red Seal Music

Wild Out Wednesday

Well not really, I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a person who “wilds out.” I’ve just always thought that phrase was funny. The hosts on 106th & Park always sound so amped when they talk about it “What up, what up what up, it’s WILD OUT WEDNESDAY!!!”

I will however be “wildin’ out” to Mutt today though. I feel like my whole day will be Mutt related. LOL. First, he’s playing Bassdrive from 2pm to 5pm cst for a special Greenroom session with Stunna, and Sinistarr so definitely tune in. Then he’s also playing at Seminar tonight.

LenzmanLast Day On Earth (track is in player)

Eveson – Food For Thought (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J Majik & Danny JThe LizardInfrared Records 2000
This wasn’t one of my fave J Majik tracks but I do remember people going nuts on the dancefloor so I figured it would work for today.

Might as well keep up the Greenroom momentum and post an old Stunna & Pipeline sesh from 2007.


Greenroom Studio Vaults Vol. 1 – Stunna & Pipeline
The Tea & Crumpets Session Jan 2007

Toodloo ’08

So I made my top 25 of 2008. I feel like it’s a bit nonsense to do this because a) I cheated and just did it from May onwards cuz that’s when I started my blog and have detailed documentation of all the tracks I liked and b) I obsess over tracks so much there’s no way I like a track that I heard in May as much as I do one I like today cuz of the whole “playing on repeat constantly” factor. So this dodgy mash up top 25 will just have to do. 😉

I was going to try and pick a favourite for the number one spot but that is just utterly impossible for me. So here they are in no particular order whatsoever. Some I couldn’t track down mp3s for because they haven’t been released yet or whatever so I apologise for the lack of samples.

Top 25

01. Calibre Alone In A Crowd

02. BlameStay Forever

03. Q ProjectTearsMarky & Bungle Remix

04. Dan Marshall – Words Can’t Explain (no sample)

05. Dan Marshall – Same ‘Ol (no sample)

06. SpecificTell Me

07. Chase & StatusTake Me Away

08. BreakEnigmaCalibre Remix

09. Atlantic Connection & LynxDanger Zone Submorphics Remix (track is in AC player)

10. Survival & Chris InperspectiveThe Right Way

11. Chris Inperspective Biffy’s Not Here

12. NaibuHere & Now (track is in player)

13. Tyler StraubEasy Does It

14. Spherique – Falling Leaves (track is in player)

15. Calibre U Could Dance

16. Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves In The Night (track is in Redeyes player)

17. MJ Cole – Sincere Bootleg

18. Sinistarr – Detroit Diesel (track is in player)

19. M25 – I Want Impressions (track is in player)

20. Random Movement – Used Illusions (no sample)

21. SpectraSoulDark Hour

22. Stunna & Tyler StraubWeak (no sample)

23. Carl Matthes & Bionic 1Let It Go (track is in Carl Matthes player)

24. B-complex Beautiful Lies

25. S.P.Y.Seeing Through Shadows

I hope everyone has a good New Year’s Eve. I’m just having people over my place and chillaxing. I don’t like dealing with the NYE crowd. I’m noticing that I really am slowly slipping into senior citizen status as a majority of the time I would much prefer to stay at my house and have people visit me than go out. LOL. I guess I’m just getting ready for when I get put in a nursing home.

BlameESP Mix December 2008
(no tracklist)

Granny Kiki

So I totally jacked up my shit. I slipped and fell in the shower this morning. Am I 80 years old? I think I was just lazily standing under the water. I was taking a shower at 4:30 a.m. so that might have something to do with my cracked-outness. My knee is all jankified and my cheek is bruised. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s black and blue by tomorrow. Great look for bday party photos. Whatever, that shit hurt.

Have you listened to that Hayze Influenza Media Podcast? Awesome. I’ve been listening to it for the past two days.

Spherique – Falling Leaves Russia is seriously on fire these days. I am digging all the producers I’m hearing from there. Love this track. So so pretty! I imagine lying in a forest during Autumn in a hammock. Have you ever asked yourself why I’m always imagining being anywhere but where I really am?? LOL. Track is in the player.

Mutt has an LP out on Inside Recordings. Love it. Really good tracks. I’m especially digging Rumours and Big Lights, Big City. Awesome Style Wars sample in Big Lights, Big City.

Mutt Presents – Treading Water LP

EvesonTricks Another Brandy sample. She is dnb sample gold. Nice track.

Today’s Oldie: Usual SuspectsDoorwayRenegade Hardware 1999 Where are the Usual Suspects??? I loved their stuff. This track is such a good set starter. Eerie and organic yet a deep roller. Love it!


Chris InperspectiveExclusive Mix for Phuture Frequency Radio Oct 2008


01. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Somore
02. Chris Inperspective – Right About Me
03. Chris Inperspective – Sisters
04. Chris Inperspective – Sitting On Crayons
05. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – People and Creatures
06. Chris Inperspective – Heel Marks of a Zebra
07. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash
08. Chris Inperspective – Fool 4 C
09. Chris Inperspective – Biffy’s Not Here
10. Chris Inperspective – I Hope it’s Back
11. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Staircase
12. Chris Inperspective – South East Problems
13. Profane – Venomous States Reprise