Granny Kiki

So I totally jacked up my shit. I slipped and fell in the shower this morning. Am I 80 years old? I think I was just lazily standing under the water. I was taking a shower at 4:30 a.m. so that might have something to do with my cracked-outness. My knee is all jankified and my cheek is bruised. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s black and blue by tomorrow. Great look for bday party photos. Whatever, that shit hurt.

Have you listened to that Hayze Influenza Media Podcast? Awesome. I’ve been listening to it for the past two days.

Spherique – Falling Leaves Russia is seriously on fire these days. I am digging all the producers I’m hearing from there. Love this track. So so pretty! I imagine lying in a forest during Autumn in a hammock. Have you ever asked yourself why I’m always imagining being anywhere but where I really am?? LOL. Track is in the player.

Mutt has an LP out on Inside Recordings. Love it. Really good tracks. I’m especially digging Rumours and Big Lights, Big City. Awesome Style Wars sample in Big Lights, Big City.

Mutt Presents – Treading Water LP

EvesonTricks Another Brandy sample. She is dnb sample gold. Nice track.

Today’s Oldie: Usual SuspectsDoorwayRenegade Hardware 1999 Where are the Usual Suspects??? I loved their stuff. This track is such a good set starter. Eerie and organic yet a deep roller. Love it!


Chris InperspectiveExclusive Mix for Phuture Frequency Radio Oct 2008


01. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Somore
02. Chris Inperspective – Right About Me
03. Chris Inperspective – Sisters
04. Chris Inperspective – Sitting On Crayons
05. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – People and Creatures
06. Chris Inperspective – Heel Marks of a Zebra
07. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash
08. Chris Inperspective – Fool 4 C
09. Chris Inperspective – Biffy’s Not Here
10. Chris Inperspective – I Hope it’s Back
11. Chris Inperspective & Diamond Eye – Staircase
12. Chris Inperspective – South East Problems
13. Profane – Venomous States Reprise

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