Wild Out Wednesday

Well not really, I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a person who “wilds out.” I’ve just always thought that phrase was funny. The hosts on 106th & Park always sound so amped when they talk about it “What up, what up what up, it’s WILD OUT WEDNESDAY!!!”

I will however be “wildin’ out” to Mutt today though. I feel like my whole day will be Mutt related. LOL. First, he’s playing Bassdrive from 2pm to 5pm cst for a special Greenroom session with Stunna, and Sinistarr so definitely tune in. Then he’s also playing at Seminar tonight.

LenzmanLast Day On Earth (track is in player)

Eveson – Food For Thought (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J Majik & Danny JThe LizardInfrared Records 2000
This wasn’t one of my fave J Majik tracks but I do remember people going nuts on the dancefloor so I figured it would work for today.

Might as well keep up the Greenroom momentum and post an old Stunna & Pipeline sesh from 2007.


Greenroom Studio Vaults Vol. 1 – Stunna & Pipeline
The Tea & Crumpets Session Jan 2007


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