Waiting For Kiki

I’m going to Mexico next week for my best friend’s wedding.  I feel like all I’m doing these days is just waiting to leave.  The weather is whatever, work is whatever, going out is whatever.  I’m not in a bad mood about it or anything, I just want to lie on a beach and drink the beautiful cocktails that I love to daydream about and soak up the sun as soon as possible.  7 days and counting.  Holla.

Dub Tao – Upwise (track is in player)
I’m not very familiar with these guys but I do like this track and I like the other stuff in their player too.

Today’s Oldie:
Marcus Intalex & ST FilesDreamworld31 Records 2001

CommixFabric Live Radio Promo Mix January 2009


Data – Abstractions
Aliz Perez – I’m Free
Spectrasoul – Suppression
Calibre – Hard Times
Commix – Justified
Commix – Bellevue (dBridge’s Bellereviewed mix)
Data – Recon
Instra:mental – Thugtronic
Jubie & Phobia – Guillotine (Breakage remix)
Lynx & Alix Perez – Dangerous


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