Custodian Kiki

Operation Job Search is in serious effect.  I’m trying my hardest to find any job so I won’t have to leave in may.  I applied for jobs yesterday that I would never dream of doing but whatever right?  Madison’s atmosphere really depresses me so I’d rather be at a job that depressed me for a little bit than being in a city that did.

You should listen to that Asides Eastsides Bassdrive Session that I posted yesterday if you haven’t already.  Really good stuff.

EvesonHear No Evil

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyScannersRam Records 1998
So awesome. I can never get enough of these old Ram Records bangers. I’ve been having Ram Records mixing sessions on the regular at my house cuz it’s a great way to spice up the afternoon. 🙂

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #27 April 5, 2010


Sabre, Noisia, Icicle – Quarters
Zero Tolerance & Rockwell – Bone Structure
Spinline – Radioactive
Holdtight – Blackstone
Consequence – A Man And A Woman
Slovar – Plastiq [Cdr]
June Miller – Converge
Sabre – Peril
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Vaccinate [Cdr]
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Riff Raff
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Spinline – Groove Scam
Code 3 – Response
Mindstorm – Abbey Road
Jaybee & K-Dan – Love Affair [Cdr]
The Square, Blue Motion & Msdos – You Don’t Need Me
Baron Simms & Mat-E-Rich – Being With You [Cdr]
Marcas – Dream Era
Netsky – Starlight
Peyo – Old Times
Druid – Colors Shifting
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Ft. Miri – Days Go Slow
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Dc Breaks Bootleg)
Druid – The Power [Cdr]
A-Sides Ft. Fats – Rebel Rouser
The Invaderz – Can’t Explain It
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Fang Face
S.P.Y. – Asbo
Joe Syntax – White Light [Cdr]
Consequence – 11 Circles
Rockwell – Underpass
Spinline – Irreverse
Blue Motion – Epileptic [Cdr]
Rockwell – Tribes
Stunna – Face The Night (Indivision Remix) [Cdr]

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