Trudge Along Kiki

I had a pretty fun holiday weekend.  Me and Daniela kept each other company and it ended up being really nice even though our hood was really a ghost town.

Packed weekend  coming up.  I’m mixing at an art show on friday (will post details on that as we get closer), our friends John and Journy have their wedding reception, my niece’s baptism and of course World Cup final.  I get to see my family this weekend which is always awesome.

Mix recaps…  I love that Asides Knowledge Promo MixAsides has been killing.  I know that mix was a while ago (a while in mixland anyways) but I haven’t changed the mixes on my ipod in a minute.  Awesome tunes, awesome mixing per usual.  Wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Cambridge. 🙂

SPY – Xenomorph (track is in player)

AkiraDay Dreaming

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc feat. Jenna GDon’t Bury MeBingo 2006
Not really that old but I was thinking of it this morning for some reason so I figured I’d pick it.

MethodusRubik Podcast 5


. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I
. 8Bits ft. Riya – On Your Mind
. Naibu ft. Key – Convictions
. June Miller & Rolling Mafia – Bright Eyes
. Seba – Distance
. Cybass – It’s A New Life For Me
. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take
. Jaybee & Native – The Search
. Heavy1 – Riot In Tokyo
. Jaybee – A Dark Days Night
. Heavy1 & Calculon – First Light
. Spectrasoul ft. D Bridge – Glimpse
. Stereotype – Oil Spill
. Calculon – Odessa (ASC remix)

Child Neglect Kiki

I haven’t been neglecting my blog on purpose.  I really just don’t have time to write.  I try and squeeze it in whenever I can but I’m not home to even do any typing.  Bare with me peeps.  🙂

ASidesKnowledge Promo Mix


01. True Believer (Marcus Intalex Dancehall Mix) – Nether (DSM)
02. Condors – Vicious Circle (Quarantine)
03. Legion – Total Science (Metalheadz)
04. M82 (Spirit Remix) – Raiden (Off Key)
05. The Jitters – Gridlok & The Upbeats (RAM)
06. Venus Prime – Total Science & S.P.Y (Subtitles)
07. Lunar – Phi Tangent (Soul:R)
08. Deliberate – Vicious Circle & Jubei (Unknown)
09. Juggernaut – Spirit (Inneractive)
10. Livin In The Dark – Heavy 1 (Rubik Records)
11. Dark Days Night – Jaybee (Unknown)
12. Fade Away – Lenzman Feat Joe-S (Soul:R)
13. Section – Fierce & Vicious Circle (Quarantine)
14. Concrete Proof – Total Science (Unknown)
15. 4-3-3 – Lynx & Hellrazor (Unknown)
16. Ploc Monster – Total Science & S.P.Y (Metalheadz)
17. Lord Have Mercy – Serum Vs Northern Lights (Zombie)
18. The Manta – Cable (Unknown)
19. Rains – Heavy 1 (Rubik)
20. Don’t Love Me Anymore – Seba (31)
21. Open Page – Lenzman ft. Riya (Metalheadz)

Custodian Kiki

Operation Job Search is in serious effect.  I’m trying my hardest to find any job so I won’t have to leave in may.  I applied for jobs yesterday that I would never dream of doing but whatever right?  Madison’s atmosphere really depresses me so I’d rather be at a job that depressed me for a little bit than being in a city that did.

You should listen to that Asides Eastsides Bassdrive Session that I posted yesterday if you haven’t already.  Really good stuff.

EvesonHear No Evil

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyScannersRam Records 1998
So awesome. I can never get enough of these old Ram Records bangers. I’ve been having Ram Records mixing sessions on the regular at my house cuz it’s a great way to spice up the afternoon. 🙂

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #27 April 5, 2010


Sabre, Noisia, Icicle – Quarters
Zero Tolerance & Rockwell – Bone Structure
Spinline – Radioactive
Holdtight – Blackstone
Consequence – A Man And A Woman
Slovar – Plastiq [Cdr]
June Miller – Converge
Sabre – Peril
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Vaccinate [Cdr]
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Riff Raff
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Spinline – Groove Scam
Code 3 – Response
Mindstorm – Abbey Road
Jaybee & K-Dan – Love Affair [Cdr]
The Square, Blue Motion & Msdos – You Don’t Need Me
Baron Simms & Mat-E-Rich – Being With You [Cdr]
Marcas – Dream Era
Netsky – Starlight
Peyo – Old Times
Druid – Colors Shifting
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Ft. Miri – Days Go Slow
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Dc Breaks Bootleg)
Druid – The Power [Cdr]
A-Sides Ft. Fats – Rebel Rouser
The Invaderz – Can’t Explain It
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Fang Face
S.P.Y. – Asbo
Joe Syntax – White Light [Cdr]
Consequence – 11 Circles
Rockwell – Underpass
Spinline – Irreverse
Blue Motion – Epileptic [Cdr]
Rockwell – Tribes
Stunna – Face The Night (Indivision Remix) [Cdr]

Unemployment 1, Kiki 0

So… I have found out that my unemployment will not be renewed when it runs out next month.  It’s crazy to just have zero dollars coming in.  I cannot afford to live here when that happens so I will be returning to Madison to live with my mum.  I’m trying to be optimistic.  I would much rather not go.  I  have til May 10th and then I will be going back to Wisconsin.  I guess keep your fingers crossed for me that I find a job before then.  Living in Madison will crush my spirit so I’m definitely not looking forward to it.  Yikes, talk about depressing post right? 😉

Survival & Ant TC1 – Sleepless (track is in TC1 player)

Today’s Oldie:
The InsidersReliefRenegade Recordings 2002

Asides Eastside Sessions Bassdrive April 2010


01. Random Movement – Lucky Guess [Innerground]
02. Lenzman feat. Riya – Open Page [Metalheadz]
03. JayBee – ?
04. Total Science & S.P.Y – Above The Clouds [Shogun Audio]
05. Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me [Driven AM]
06. ?
07. ?
08. HLZ – ?
09. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney [Innerground]
10. Calibre – ?
11. Lenzman feat. Jo-S – Coincidence [Metalheadz]
12. BTK & S.P.Y – Save Me [CIA]
13. Sigma – Paint It Black (VIP) [Hospital]
14. ?
15. Total Science & S.P.Y – Locked In [Shogun Audio]
16. Calibre feat. DRS – Judgement Day [Samurai Red Seal]
17. Random Movement – When You Come Alive [Innerground]
18. Lenzman & Treez feat. Jo-S – Stellar [Subtitles]
19. Sinistarr – Mainstay [N/A]
20. Sinistarr & Redeyes – Solar 9 [Metalheadz]
21. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal – Operation Index [Revolution]
22. Utah Jazz – Quincy [Vintage LP]
23. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Follow My Own Path, Dig My Own Grave [Innerground]
24. ?
25. ?
26. Lynx & Malibu – ?
27. Perilelle – Damages (Sinistarr Remix) [Exchange Bureau]
28. Dan HabarNam – ?
29. Lynx & Alix Perez feat. Kemo – Keep It Low [Detail]
30. Lenzman – Stuck [Subtitles]
31. ?
32. Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack [Project 51]
33. Random Movement – Memory Lane [Innerground]

Upset Kiki

So my laptop is fucked.  I went and got the external adapter and it still didn’t work.  This old laptop will have to do for now. 😦  I did attach the external adapter to my old laptop though and at least the internet seems to be working a little faster than before.

ASides v MethodusMetahlheadz Podcast #9


A Sides Mix

S.P.Y – Favela
Break – Mason
Subterra – Cold Shoulder
Gridlok feat The Upbeats – Jitters
Lenzman – Flamethrower
JB – Dark Days of Night
Total Science & S.P.Y – New World Order
Fracture & Neptune – The Trunk
Jubei & S.P.Y – Project 1
Marky and S.P.Y – Time Moves On
Tricks – All Things Must Pass
Break & Survival – Your Time Will Come
Harvest – Chronicles
Twisted Individual – Crap Rinse Out
S.P.Y. – Xenomorph
Spectrasoul – Bygones
Calibre – Down on Your Love
Lenzman – Fade Away
Seba – Distance
Seba – Dont You Love Me Anymore
Hive – Harbinger
Dom & Roland – 2097
Fracture & Neptune – Das
Total Science & S.P.Y – While You Were Sleeping

Methodus Mix

Sinistarr – Anorak (Lynx remix)
Random Movement – Hopeless Romantic
Bachelors of Science – Ice Dance (Lenzman remix)
Stereotype – Videotape (VIP)
S.P.Y. ft. Riya – Lonlieness
Rufige Kru – Just When You Thought it Was Over
Sol.ID & Trigon – Dirt Legs
Dave Owen & Dave Shichman – Tight Polite
Lenzman – Rags to Riches
A-Sides – Milk & Honey
Lenzman & Submorphics – Respiration VIP
Random Movement – Waterlogged
Seba – Painted Skies

Oh Hello Winter…

It is brrrr cold. Dang. I refuse to wear my winter coat yet though. I’m in straight denial. 30 degrees? Bah. Bring it on.

I actually had a really good weekend. On Friday Asides‘ good buddy Stefano (he does an awesome event in Sardinia every year called Sun & Bass) was in town and we hung out. The one thing I like about hanging out with friends of friends is that there’s never a worry that they won’t be cool. They wouldn’t be friends with someone you’re friends with if they weren’t right? We went to an art show at the Burger King Studio… Yes I did say Burger King Studio and then headed over to Bass Goes Boom, which I must say has been consistently fun ever since it started. Good times.

Friday I went to Milwaukee to hang out with my friend Mollie. She lives in L.A. and I still have yet to get out there to visit her so whenever she’s in close proximity to me I try and go see her. She’s an old buddy from Minneapolis and i love her to pieces.

We start yet another week. I’m in good spirits. 🙂


Mindmapper – The Green Gamble (track is in the player)

Subterra – Calling (track is in the player)

Calibre – Trying To Remember & U Could Dance I already said I liked the Don’t Mind EP that these tracks are on but I’ve heard these two especially a lot over the past couple weeks and the more I hear them the more I really like them so I figured I’d give the EP another shout out.

Today’s Oldie: Dj DieTiming Mechanism Full Cycle 2000 That Suv track I put on Friday’s oldie was part of this same LP that Timing Mechanism is on. I remember when I got this LP i totally slept on this Die track. I used to have a bad habit of doing that. I only bought the LP for Freak Show and just kept saying that I’d listen to the other tracks later and then heard one of the boys in my crew playing it and was like “what’s that?” and of course I already had it. Typical. Great tune. One of my Die faves.

London ElektricityEssential Mix November 2008


  1. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music [HOSPITAL]
  2. Makoto & T_Ak – Voyager [HOSPITAL]
  3. Klute – Trust Me [N/A]
  4. London Elektricity – Bare Religion [HOSPITAL]
  5. Logistics – Cosmonaught [HOSPITAL]
  6. Logistics – Kaleidoscope [HOSPITAL]
  7. Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (D&B Mix) [BOOTLEG]
  8. Randomer – Blind [MEDSCHOOL]
  9. Martsman – Sir Gordon Jumpmeister Lll [MEDSCHOOL]
  10. Randomer – Synth Geek [MEDSCHOOL]
  11. Q Project – Credit Crunch [HOSPITAL]
  12. Danny Byrd – Red Mist [HOSPITAL]
  13. London Elektricity The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Rmx) [HOSPITAL]
  14. London Elektricity – Just One Second [HOSPITAL]
  15. Mistabishi – Greed [HOSPITAL]
  16. Furney & Tayla – Stand Still [LIQUID V]
  17. London Elektricity – Uska [HOSPITAL]
  18. Kanye West – Flashlight (D&B Mix) [N/A]
  19. N*E*R*D – Nerdstep [N/A]
  20. Nu:Tone – Balaclava [HOSPITAL]
  21. London Elektricity – Remember The Future (High Contrast Remix) [HOSPITAL]
  22. Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) [XL]
  23. The Brookes Bros – She Tears You Down [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
  24. Mistabishi – No Matter What [HOSPITAL]
  25. Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
  26. Chase & Status – Music Club [RAM]
  27. London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose [HOSPITAL]
  28. Commix – Rackit [HOSPITAL]
  29. Noisia – Diplodocus (Nu:Tone Edit) [N/A]
  30. Logistics – Jungle Music [HOSPITAL]
  31. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter (Nu:Tone Remix) [HOSPITAL]
  32. Muffler – Hear Me Scream [HOSPITAL]
  33. Eric Prydz – Pianoo (High Contrast Remix) [DATA]
  34. Nu:Tone – System (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) [HOSPITAL]
  35. Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Brookes Bros Remix) [DATA]
  36. Sigma – Paint It Black [HOSPITAL]
  37. London Elektricity – Different Drum (Photek Remix) [HOSPITAL]
  38. High Contrast – If We Ever [HOSPITAL]
  39. London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy [HOSPITAL]
  40. Danny Byrd – Shockout [HOSPITAL]
  41. Chase & Status – Street Life [RAM]
  42. London Elektricity – South Eastern Dream [HOSPITAL]
  43. Trisector – Morning Rain [MEDSCHOOL]
  44. Danny Breaks – Volume 1 (Logistics Remix) [N/A]
  45. Apex – Emo Funk [CYANIDE]
  46. Roni Size – Swings & Roundabouts [FULL CYCLE]
  47. Logistics – Take Be To The Bridge [HOSPITAL]
  48. Roni Size & DJ Die – Its A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix) [V]
  49. Matrix & Futurebound – American Beauty [N/A]
  50. Icicle – So Close [MEDSCHOOL]
  51. The Streets – Has It Come To This (High Contrast Mix) [679]
  52. DJ Zinc – Reachout Remix [TRUE PLAYAZ]
  53. Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix) [HOSPITAL]
  54. MJ Cole & Rodney P – Tuff Like Me (Shy Fx & T-Power Remix) [LONDON REPUBLIC]
  55. TC – Game Over [D:STYLE]
  56. Subfocus – Druggy [RAM]
  57. Apex & Ayah – The Space Between [HOSPITAL]