Whistle While I Work

I’ve been a force to be reckoned with this week.  Like I said before, my boss is going away next week and so he’s been piling on the work.  I’ve come in like every day at 7 or so and have just been toiling away.  Employee of the month for sure. 😉

Spectrasoul – AlibiBreak Remix (track is in Spectrasoul player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreBulletsSignature Records 2005
Not that old but still awesome.  I woke up with this really somber feeling and this track popped into my head.  I just love Diane Charlemagne’s voice.  As cheesy as it sounds, her vocals really encompass the soul of the track.  The bassline is just so simple yet moving.  I’m no music journalist so I’m sure I should have come up with some better ways to describe this track but whatever.

Found this one on DOA.  The tracklist looks awesome.
RezaMix For www.liquiddnb.com


01. Edward Oberon – La Vacca (soundtrax dub)
02. Zyon Base & Hobzee – One Thousend Paper Cranes (samurai dub)
03. Sinistarr & JJ – Logarithm (sonorous dub)
04. Chris Inprespective – Serial Thyme (dub)
05. Atom – Nightflight (sonorous dub)
06. Eveson – Dirty habit (future thinkin dub)
07. Glen E Ston – Lost Love (dub)
08. Smote – Deeply In My Soul (dub)
09. Paul T / Edward Oberon – What Do I Do (dub)
10. Flaco / Glen E Swan – The Girl Can Move (dub)
11. Sabbia feat. Wiosna – Soulmates (Paul T remix)[vibez dub]
12. Phatplyaz – No Name (dub)
13. Paul SG & Andy Sim – A treasured moment (dub)
14. Brother – She Said (fokuz dub)
15. Submorphics – California suite (dub)
16. Deep Jazz – Choose One (bios dub)
17. Statesman – Secret Door (dub)
18. Decem – Papercut (dub)
19. Big Bud – Soulsista (soundtrax dub)
20. Stunna / Smote / Submorphics – Sweet Passion (santorin dub)
21. Sable Gray – Perfect Storm (bios dub)
22. Sinistarr – Park Avenue (dub)

3 thoughts on “Whistle While I Work

  1. its funny that you always see the mistakes cuz i spend most of my time copying and pasting, i dont even ever look at the stuff that i didnt type myself. lol. stustu my blog editor.

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