Good Friday

I guess it’s good friday.  Good friday in the sense that it’s the weekend and I’m going to go spend Easter with my mum.

I’m such a heathen.  I went to Catholic school for 12 years and then decided organised religion wasn’t really for me and haven’t really paid attention to the meaning of the holidays since then.  Like I guess I celebrate them cuz everyone else does but really I’ve kinda just decided that I’m cool with my own made up spiritual beliefs.

Ooh.  Religion is such a taboo topic in a public forum.  I’ll stop now.  I was just thinking about it cuz I’m at work hella early cuz it’s Good Friday and we only have to work half day so the earlier I come in the earlier I get to leave. 😉

Dave Owen – Stay Cool (track is in music player)
I’m a Dave Owen fan.  There’s a bunch more of his tracks that I love of his and have chicken scratch post it notes for but unfortunately no samples.  I like this tune, I mean it’s pretty hard to hate anything with a Biggie sample in my opinion.

Todays Oldie:
Craggz & Parallel Forces –  Fizzy PigletsValve Recordings 2004
I saw that they have a DOA mix that I was considering posting but then decided to go with an oldie by them instead cuz today I’m all about the ASC mix below that I found on Everyday Junglist.  Love C & P though.  Good tune.

ASCMix For Digital Tunes


01.  Calibre – Ringtone [Samurai]
02.  ASC – After Hours [31]
03.  Jonny L – Piper [XL]
04.  Sabre – The Crest [Unreleased]
05.  Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You [Blu Mar Ten]
06.  Sabre – Original Sin (feat. Tuere) [Critical]
07.  Data – The Causeway [Influence]
08.  ASC – The Lair [Unreleased]
09.  Focus & Mixmaster Doc – Watercress Funk [Peer Pressure]
10.  Cern – Eastern Gates [Samurai]
11.  Subwave – Darkness Dub [Unreleased]
12.  Method One – Ghost Notes ’09 (VIP Mix) [Unreleased]
13.  ASC – Isolate [Unreleased]
14.  ASC – Porcelain [Unreleased]
15.  Hobzee & Zyon Base – Ways Of The World [Red Mist]
16.  Commix – Strictly [Metalheadz]


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