Coffee Shop Kiki

I’ve started enjoying working at coffee shops.  I really don’t have much time in my schedule to study so I just try and get it in whenever I can.  My job has a coffee shop in the back now so whenever I have to work in the mornings, since I’m already awake, I just go there hella early and study until it’s time for my shift.

I’m reposting this interview Everyday Junglist did with Marcus Intalex cuz it’s a good read.  Nice one Fonik. 😉

With his debut album hitting the shops this coming Monday some 21 years after he started his journey into Drum & Bass, EDJ caught up with Mancunian Marcus Intalex for a chat about the project, nerves and just why the hell it took him so long…

EDJ Interview: Marcus Intalex

So, the album is released officially on Monday. Obviously the build up has been quite long so you’ve had time to get used to it but are you nervous/excited at all? You have mentioned in other interviews that you cared too much about what people thought when younger which is why you didn’t embark on such a project sooner – do you really not give a shit now? If it bombed and got panned by critics, you honestly wouldn’t care?

No, I definitely do care of course but only as much as everyone else does you know. The thing that’s important for me now is to have something to show for myself, my career. I’ve never really had to do anything, or been forced to do something like this before – I’ve always had plenty of gigs and I was just being lazy. I needed a challenge and needed something to commit too. I’m not trained musically, not trained in the studio, I just make music for me and I’m enjoying at the moment.

Anyway, I just don’t worry about things like nerves and that, I’m just doing things. The album is done, I’m proud of it, it’s good and I’m happy I’ve done it.

Would you say this is this more of a personal thing for you for you then, the completion of a goal for example, as opposed to a release for the public?

Yes and no. As I said I make music for myself but I did need to get something like this out in the shops. If you don’t then someone else will, someone else will be in the spotlight, and you’d be doing this interview with someone else. Plus I need it out there so people know what I’m about – it makes it harder to DJ if people don’t know what to expect, and don’t what kind of stuff I’ll be playing, and what I’m all about. Plus it really was just time I did something like this – it’s me getting involved and being proactive and positive. You can’t contribute or change things if you’re not involved and this is me getting involved…

Do you think that perhaps the lack of an album up to this point has hampered/reflected on you as an artist in any way? Many of your peers have many LPs to their name now….

Yeah maybe, but I never wanted to do something just for the sake of it. Then again as I said earlier, I you don’t do things them other people step in and do them instead.

How have you found the whole experience? Therapeutic/stressful….? Would you attempt to do it again again?

I’ve enjoyed the whole process, and yeah I think I would do it again. I’ve written 15/20 tunes since I finished the album already, I’m working very quickly at the moment. I’ve gotten away with not doing a lot the past couple of years but I would rather being creating something and yeah, it’s just been me doing something, getting involved and being proactive. The more you put into something the more you get out you know?

The lack of collaborations with ST Files seems like a glaring omission given the number of tracks you have made together in the past, and how well they are liked…Why are there no tunes from you two on there?

You know you’re the first one to ask me that. I suppose it is a bit of an omission yeah, but we’ve just been busy, been living separate lives. He’s had a kid and there’s just been that bit of distance between us. It’s not been intentional of course, and our relationship has been a long one. Do I regret it? Yeah maybe a bit, I suppose I would like to have one on there. The album isn’t a reflection of my music over the past 21 years though, it’s not about referencing what Ive done musically, it’s just a statement – I’ve been in the business 21 years, here’s my album.

Would you say it’s an accurate representation of your ‘sound’ ? Do you think it sums up what you are about musically? What would you say that is?

Tricky question. I don’t really have a ‘sound’ I think, and it’s not really for me to say. I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into categories; it’s not my thing at all. I just play music I like and I think I’m just the middle ground – not too much or one thing or the other. The music I like and play out has to have a good vibe, it’s got to be thoughtful, varied, subtle, and everything’s got to work well together and I think that comes across in the album so maybe it does me justice there.

There’s more to me than d&b too – that’s what I’m most well-known for, that’s what I play out, but the thing is today is that you don’t have to be just one thing anymore, that’s why there’s a few different styles/tempos on there too. I still buy loads of stuff, house/techno, I still collect music and that’s reflected in the LP as well.

You’ve mentioned that you wanted it to be a ‘proper’ album – do you think you have achieved that? How hard was it having the format or this process in mind whilst writing it?

Yes I think I have. Thing is though that the album pretty much came about by accident. I was just making a load of music and I just thought that I was pretty close to having an album. 75% of the stuff on the LP was made before I knew I was making an LP you know, I never intended to go into the studio and start writing an album. The idea of it as a format, as a project, kind of takes away the innocence of the music making process though, you have it in the back of your mind when you realise what you’re doing, what you’re working towards.

You’ve obviously been involved in d&b pretty much since the birth of the genre…any era you’re favourite? How have you kept your enthusiasm for it so long – ever thought about sacking it all off?

The beginning was the best bit, but I don’t mean in terms of the music, more just the being young, discovering it all for the first time, the innocence of it, the thirst for more and first experiences with rave culture/drugs/dance music. Being young, and just a fan is more exciting you know. Yeah being on the front line, in the thick of it is cool of course but it can kill your enthusiasm a little; it can be depressing when you see things going in a direction you don’t want them go in. It can be hard to get those initial feelings, that buzz back, although I do still get it from DJ’ing. The thing for me isn’t getting sent all the tunes, getting a rewind in a club, anyone can do that really, for me it’s about having that special tune that you love, and playing it in the right environment and watching other people losing themselves too it, loving it as much as you.

You know music still excites me, that’s why I’m still doing all this. If it didn’t, then I’m the kind of person to have just have stopped doing it. It’s always a battle but you got to persevere, it just the way it is, I still just love music.

What’s next for you?

All sorts. Writing some 130-ish bits, some house, some techno. I’d like to get out there into some other scenes – put out a techno record on a big label, a house record. Loefah has mentioned the possibility of maybe getting something on swamp81 which would be fantastic of course.

I’ve just stared a d&b remix for a band called little dragon, and also doing a remix of my track airbourne. That never came out ‘officially’, or on vinyl, so might put that and the remix out on wax, who knows. Working closely with SPY too, should be putting his album out in early 2012, and a DRS LP too.

The Silent Dust album?

They’re putting that out themselves now, which is a shame, but I’ve just got some much going on that I didn’t think I could give it the care and attention it deserved. The whole package is complete though– I’ve done a remix for them, there’s a Calibre remix – it’s good to go and they pretty close to sorting it. It’s just running a label is tough these days, and that project is pretty underground you know and everything I’m doing with the label has to make business sense to me as opposed to just putting out music I love otherwise I would be doing it. I’m going to be supporting them as much as I can because I really believe in the product, its fucking excellent.

Random MovementPodcast 20


Command Strange & Dynamic – Too Hot Lady
dRamatic & dbAudio – Flex Through The Solar Systems
Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent – Parity
Mutt – ???????
Need For Mirrors – Punch Drunk
MixMaster Doc – Biomimitic
Will Miles – I
Kjell – Lincoln Place
Need For Mirrors – Triangulation Delta
Root Soul feat. Vanessa Freeman – It’s The Way (Makoto Remix)
Duo Science – Line Of The Drumz
Mutt & Grimm – Focus
J Dilla – King (Sinistarr Remix)
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Flirt
Survival & Paul T – Rationale
Jill Scott – He Loves Me (bootleg)
Paul SG – Whats The Time Please
Flaco – Punta Las Marias
Ayah Mara – Follow You (A.I. Remix)
Random Movement – Dropping the Chips

Burger Queen Kiki

Yesterday was fun.  We all went to eat at Lockdown Bar & Grill to send Submorphics off on his European excursion.  Really good burgers.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, which doesn’t always necessarily happen when you go out to eat.  I haven’t really seen my friends in a while so it was nice for all of us to sit and eat and kick it.

If you’re in London tomorrow go check out Submorphics at Fabric and then for all you Serbians he will be in Belgrade on October 1 and Nis on October 2.

Danny ByrdMoonwalker

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SSWhere My Dogs AtFormation Records 2000
I know the sample is cheesy but I remember really enjoying the bassline to this track.  It was fun to dance to. 🙂

Heavy 1Everyday Junglist Guest Mix
This mix looks awesome.



Solo Kiki

Did you listen to that Kjell Mix?  Loved it.

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself lately.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I am working everyday so my mornings consist of waiting to go to work at 5, so I just kick it by myself all day long attempting to do all the things I’m supposed to be doing.  We all know how that usually goes with me so needless to say I’m spending a majority of my time laying around my flat listening to dnb. 😉

Today’s Oldie:
DillinjaIn My SoulJA1MP 1994

Nickdawg – All Hardleaders Mix
I don’t know who Nickdawg is but this mix was posted on Everyday Junglist and an all Hardleaders mix is extremely exciting to me.  Takes me back to when I was a wee little raver. 🙂  I’m gonna listen right now.


regulate- juniper (HL-008)
serve chilled- prophecy (HL-033)
capone- soldier (HL-001)
basic influence- still waters (HL-004)
venom- it’s on (HL-015)
lemon d- manhattan melody (HLLP-01)
capone- paradise (HL-014)
regulate- thoughts (HL-011)
capone- friday (HL-028)
sniper & mystical influence- springboard (HLLP-11S)
manifest- genesis (HL-016)
espionage- spies like us (HLLP-02)
formula 7 & tdk- mechanism (HL-017)
capone- massive (HL-001)
>> souljah- rollin’ (HL-012)
capone- fusion (HL-041)
banga- code red (HLLP-02)
souljah- come on (HL-012)
souljah- fade 2 black (HL-026)
decoder- fog (HL-010)
capone- alaska (HL-028)
capone- tudor rose (HL-042)
peshay- I need you (HL-050)
>> apex- spys (HL-009)
eljay & darkone- just for you (HLLP-9S)
total science- slipstream (HLLP-13)
capone- 2 da 1 (HL-050)
>> capone- take it down low (HL-055)
subject matter- online (HL-059)
digital- jester (HL-048)
andy b- no sacrifice (HLLP-13)
the outfit- cover girl (HL-60)
digital- critical situation (HL-048)
xample- sonic sleaze (HL-063)
total science- it’s not over (HL-054)

Tired Ass Kiki

CC is here.  I stayed out til 5.  Such a rare occasion.  We all know that’s not how I roll.  LOL.

AtomEverday Junglist Guest Mix


01. Scuba – Before – Hot Flush
02. Nether – Glacial Dub – ?
03. Code 3 – Living Proof – Exit
04. Nuage – Kind of Lost – ?
05. Dot – Never Coded – ?
06. Triad – Spellbound – Engine Music
07. Dan HabarNam – 12 and Salty – ?
08. Dot – Secure Zone – ?
09. Bal – All City – Brand Nu
10. Mortem – Stratos – ?
11. Data – Burning Paradise – Blackout Music
12. Atom – The Alley – Horizons Music
13. Atom – Studio Electronics – ?
14. Sam KDC – Selfless – Nu Directions
15. Mode – Stats – Ingredients Records
16. Furi Anga – When our World Jaded – ?
17. Scuba – So You Think You’re Special – Hot Flush

Snowfall Kiki

We got a ton of snow and now it’s all ugly outside.  Boo.

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictCyanideRenegade Hardware 1999
Awesome.  I did a Renegade Hardware mix yesterday and remembered how much I loved this tune.  ❤

Everyday Junglist is the one that turned me on to this dude.  He has awesome mixes.  I’m looking forward to listening to this one.
Sir RealA Liquid Decade Part 2


Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze
Calibre – Rejack
Die – Autumn (Commix Remix)
Commix feat Steve Spacek – How you gonna feel
Alix Perez – Crown City
MIST – Red Light
ShyFX – Lovers Rock
Nu:Tone feat Talc – Jet stream
Roni Size – Want your body (Calibre Remix)
D-Bridge – China Blue
High Contrast – Music is everything (Influx UK Remix)
Alix Perez – Contradictions
MIST – Mistical Dub
Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
XRS- Secrets of the floating island
Calibre feat MC Fats – Drop it down
Artificial Intelligence – Desperado
Makoto feat MC Conrad – Golden Girl
Calibre – Hold Back (Jah)
D-Kay – It’s on the way
Matrix vs Goldtrix – It’s love (Trippin)
Influx UK – Back for more
Calibre – It’s…
Commix – Roots train
Mutt feat Kevin King – Conversations
Random Movement – Stars in the dark
Artificial Intelligence – Ever on
Influx Uk – Alright
Alix Perez – Melaine
D-Bridge and Calibre – Ponderosa
Artificial Intelligence feat Jenna G – Rising

Ghouls & Kiki

Happy Halloween! 🙂

In Minneapolis now.  Talk about horrible flight.  It’s over now though so there’s really no use griping about it.  Looking forward to a fun weekend.  Hope you guys have one too.

Stereotype – Need to Know (track is in player)
This one is pretty old but I’m still digging it.  I guess I was in that type of mood this am.

Phat Playaz – Fact of the Unknown (track is in player)

Paul SG – Follow Me (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
LTJ BukemDemon’s ThemeGood Looking Records 1992
Figured I’d try and have a spooky oldie in honour of Halloween. 😉

I am not familiar with this person at all.  Found the mix on Fonik’s site.  Love it.  It was quite a delight to listen to as I sat at the airport endlessly awaiting my flight.
Klay PigeonStranded Pigeon Mix


Calibre – Honeypot (Signature)
Big Bud – I Want you so Bad (Soundtrax)
Random Movement – The Things You Do (Innerground)
Switch – Hilltop View (Soul:R)
Calibre – What U Need (Creative Source)
Alix Perez – Contradictions (Shogun)
Furney + Tayla – You Must Stand Still (Liquid V)
Calibre – Let Me Hold You Now (Signature)
Commix – Scarlet (Hospital)
Aperture – Need U Here (Breakbeat Science)
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source)
Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Integral)
Marky + S.P.Y – Tapestry (Innerground)
Calibre – Tru Beat (Critical)
Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun)
Commix – Breaking Through (31)
Mistical – Believe it (Soul:R)
InstraMental – Pacific Heights (Darkestral)
Alix Perez – Forsaken (Shogun)
PFM – One and Only (2002 rework) (Goodlooking)

Kiki & Friends

I actually had a really lovely weekend.  Friday I just went out with Jessica and enjoyed some good girls night out company.  Saturday me and Daniela went to Gianna’s rooftop party for her non-profit, For The Mamas.  It’s an organization to help women battling cancer.  I had a really good time.  You can’t really beat loud music and drinks outside also it’s nice to help contribute to good causes.  My weekend was mostly awesome because of the company I kept and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Today’s Oldie:
RenegadeDark SoldierDread Recordings 1996
Classic banger.  ❤

I found this one on Fonik’s site.  Haven’t listened to it yet but I do love Seba so it’s a win.
SebaLive  @ Funkmasters Ukraine


Seba – As Long As It Takes – Secret Operations
Ill Logic & RAF – Complex Identities – Bingo Beats
Sabre – Global – Subtitles
Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – Face To Face – Unknown
Seba – Steel – Paradox
Seba – 34 Alpha – Secret Operations
Mosus & HLZ – Nexus 7 – Liquid V
Calibre – Understand – CIA DeepKut
Seba – Pressure Point – Unknown
Seba – Dangerous Days – Unknown
Mosus & S.P.Y. – Suadade – Nu Directions
Rufige Kru – Something About You (D-Bridge Mix) – Metalheadz
Rufige Kru – Is This Real? – Exit
Seba & Paradox – Last Goodbye (Instrumental) – Paradox
Seba – Snow – Hospital
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing – 31 Records

Good Friday

I guess it’s good friday.  Good friday in the sense that it’s the weekend and I’m going to go spend Easter with my mum.

I’m such a heathen.  I went to Catholic school for 12 years and then decided organised religion wasn’t really for me and haven’t really paid attention to the meaning of the holidays since then.  Like I guess I celebrate them cuz everyone else does but really I’ve kinda just decided that I’m cool with my own made up spiritual beliefs.

Ooh.  Religion is such a taboo topic in a public forum.  I’ll stop now.  I was just thinking about it cuz I’m at work hella early cuz it’s Good Friday and we only have to work half day so the earlier I come in the earlier I get to leave. 😉

Dave Owen – Stay Cool (track is in music player)
I’m a Dave Owen fan.  There’s a bunch more of his tracks that I love of his and have chicken scratch post it notes for but unfortunately no samples.  I like this tune, I mean it’s pretty hard to hate anything with a Biggie sample in my opinion.

Todays Oldie:
Craggz & Parallel Forces –  Fizzy PigletsValve Recordings 2004
I saw that they have a DOA mix that I was considering posting but then decided to go with an oldie by them instead cuz today I’m all about the ASC mix below that I found on Everyday Junglist.  Love C & P though.  Good tune.

ASCMix For Digital Tunes


01.  Calibre – Ringtone [Samurai]
02.  ASC – After Hours [31]
03.  Jonny L – Piper [XL]
04.  Sabre – The Crest [Unreleased]
05.  Blu Mar Ten – If I Could Tell You [Blu Mar Ten]
06.  Sabre – Original Sin (feat. Tuere) [Critical]
07.  Data – The Causeway [Influence]
08.  ASC – The Lair [Unreleased]
09.  Focus & Mixmaster Doc – Watercress Funk [Peer Pressure]
10.  Cern – Eastern Gates [Samurai]
11.  Subwave – Darkness Dub [Unreleased]
12.  Method One – Ghost Notes ’09 (VIP Mix) [Unreleased]
13.  ASC – Isolate [Unreleased]
14.  ASC – Porcelain [Unreleased]
15.  Hobzee & Zyon Base – Ways Of The World [Red Mist]
16.  Commix – Strictly [Metalheadz]